Kate Lock

Kate Lock (otherwise known as Klockworks Kate) wears three hats at Two Rivers Radio.  Two as a presenter, reflecting her professional and personal interests and one as a producer on Ask York.

By day, she works in communications at the University of Leeds, doing public engagement and promoting climate change research; her evenings are spent running York-based community groups (Planet South Bank and Glass Half Full) and playing in a brass band.

Kate has spent a lifetime in the media as a journalist, editor and author, working for the BBC, magazines and local newspapers. She is the author of 11 books, including five on EastEnders, a memoir (Dangerous Love) and Confessions of an Eco Shopper and was a columnist for The Press in York for several years before returning to University to study for a Masters Degree in Sustainability.

In her spare time she plays euphonium in the York RI Golden Rail Band and, occasionally, the trombone in Off the Rails jazz band.

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