Join Stephen and Tracey Allan as they take you on on a musical mystery tour featuring some of the best songs from the last 60 years.

Mr. Judge to You!

Twice a month Steve Judge – the Stray Wolf of Rock ‘n Roll – puts together a fantastic show.  The very best in classic Rock ‘n Roll is pulled together by a different guest every show as they chart the songs that have been the soundtracks of their lives.

Steve’s guest today is TBC.

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HMGW, presented by Mark Chandler is a monthly show that brings together three of his passions; Music, Gaming & Wrestling.

Mark’s guests this month are local musical legend, the singer and song-writer Jimbo Doomface and York-based wrestler, Dom Black.

Tune in to hear a live session from Jimbo and an interview with he and Dom Black between 7pm and 8pm.


Off the Radar

Chalkie the Yorkie presents an hour of classic Blues, Skiffle and R’n’B tunes that were present at the birth of what we now call Rock ‘n Roll.

Off the Radar will bring joy to your ears – tune in today from 8pm ’til 9pm.

Catch A Fire

Once a month the York Man and Daddy Harper a.k.a Catch A Fire pull up at the Two Rivers Radio studio, bringing with them the smouldering, nay burning rhythms of Reggae, Dub, Ska and Dancehall – past & present.

Tune in for two hours of the finest skanking tunes you’ll find, all brought together by the City of York’s reggae rhythm aficionados!

#TRRpullup #MoreFiyah

Cowboys From Hell

Black Dog & Stephen Allan are the Cowboys From Hell – bringing you the very heaviest in rock and metal every Monday from 9pm ’til 11pm.

Turn on, tune in and turn it up to 11!

#TRRcowboys  #BlackDog


Upside Your Mind

Every Monday from 4pm ’til 5pm, York DJ Upside Your Mind plays music from across the globe, past present and future on Two Rivers Radio.

This is always an hour of purely positive audio, from the Basement to the Tropics and back.

Upside Your Mind plays at venues throughout our fine city and delivers some stunning mixes for your delectation each and every Monday.


The Soul Hour

Paul Coull brings you the very best in classic and contemporary Soul Music every Monday from 3pm ’til 4pm.

If you want to contact Paul or make a request find @TwoRiversRadio on Twitter or @Coullio and remember to use #TRRsoulman