Tune in to Black York with Fasil Demsash

Black York is live from 2 – 3pm

Black York Radio will present two guests from the Police Force, DC Mo Mohammed, positive action officer and Lubna Lazrak communication and recording officer.

Discussion will be centered on these individuals’ life experiences and work with BAME communities in North Yorkshire (although one of them based in York).

Expect also, popular and traditional music from Morocco and Pakistan.   🙂


Mr Judge To You will be talking adverts, marketing and the art of not so genteel persuasion, with the help of some tunes off the telly inanadvertkindofway, and with his pal Declan.

Tune in at the new time of 4pm for two hours of top chat and great music!!


Schedule 12/03/18

Good Morning York! Tune in for another
fantastic Monday with Two Rivers Radio:

Ready, set, go! And from midday till 1pm, we will be with
Declan Minskip during Lunchtime Rush!  Happy hour to start off the day!
#thelunchtimerush #liveandloud

At 1pm the Podcast Poets are back with The Poetry Show –
The Poetry Show Season One: ART and Stairwell Books Presents: Kay Wheatcroft with Shetland: A Love Story.

Between 2pm and 3pm, we have LGBT Hour and Jake Furby discusses issues that are important to the York LGBT community.

From 3pm till 4pm, it’s The Soul Hour, ready with great selection of music to soothe and relax the mind.

4pm and it’s time to warm up a bit to the Tropical tunes of new mix from Upside Your Mind !

Between 5pm and 7pm it’s of course, Mr. Judge to You!
Today is little known or publicised “Commonwealth (nee Empire) Day”… We have tunes from a diverse section of those former pink parts of the globe… and will chat about some of the great, and sometimes not so great things that Britain (and all her colonial rivals, including our erstwhile brethren in the EU) have thrust upon the world. It’ll be postimperialcatharticdababobulous great mates. 👨‍⚖️🇬🇧👩‍⚖️MJTY.

From 7pm it’s Music Through The Years. Join Stephen and Tracey Allan as they take you on on a musical mystery tour featuring some of the best songs from the last 60 years.

8pm is All that Brass with Kate Lock
Kate will be reviewing last month’s #Unibrass2018 and playing pieces from the Trophy and Shield sections inc Cottonopolis, featuring brilliant euphonium soloist Adam Bukaris of Trophy winners RNCM. Kate will also be previewing the North of England regional brass band championships, coming up in Durham next weekend, which sees York’s top two bands Shepherd Group and York RI competing for a place at the Royal Albert Hall in October. Finally we’ll be taking a look at the lively jazz scene in York following the packed out Jazz Lounge at The Crescent, and playing some tracks from York Jazz Initiative’s youthful and highly talented Jazz Orchestra. Something for everyone, whether you like your music swung or straight!

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If you would like to get in touch to show your support for what our team of hard-working volunteers are doing; perhaps you’d like to get involved (no experience required) – please contact us here: tworiversradio@gmail.com

Alternatively, pop in and see us at our pop-up studio in the back room of The corner pin, Tanner Row, York. 



The Poetry Show Season One: ART and Stairwell Books Presents: Kay Wheatcroft with Shetland: A Love Story.

Listen in from 1pm to 2pm here:  www.tworiversradio.stream (actually listen in from noon to 11pm! but we’re on at 1pm)

On The Poetry Show, we chat about art: what is art? What makes “good art” and who decides that anyway? Hosted by Laurence O’Reilly (he must have locked Rose into another room), with Alan Gillott and guest Tanya Parker, the discussion covers a range of art forms: dance, music, poetry of course, and visual art too.

Following TPS 1:29, Kay Wheatcroft will talk about art and words: combining photographs and love letters, into a gorgeous book.

Kay will chat about “Shetland: A Love Story”, a compilation and indeed distillation of love letters sent back and forth between two people who would become her great-grandparents, and Shetland images taken by photographer Mark Sinclair.

The book brings to life a three-year courtship that took place almost entirely by letter in the mid-19th century.

Robert was the schoolmaster at Sandness and Barbara was the daughter of the schoolmaster at Gulberwick. They were only 30 miles apart, but with no roads and because of their busy lives, they were only able to meet a few times during their touching correspondence, between 1858 and their marriage in 1861. The letters tell the story of their work as teachers and farmers, his duties as postmaster and village scribe, their leisure and entertainment, local customs and events. Their simple but hard lives were regulated by the landscape, the weather and the seasons.

Kay has edited her great-grandparents’ love letters to match the style of Mark’s photography, paring them down, distilling them, creating an art book as well as a piece of social history.

Innovative Recycling Project at York School

There has been a lot of talk about plastic waste recently and for good reason:
  • 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute
  • That number’s like to rise by 20% in the next 3 years
  • In the UK, around 450 plastic bottles are bought every second
  • Over 150 plastic bottles end up in landfill in the UK every second.

Students at Fulford School alone get through hundreds of disposable plastic bottles every day. We’ve recently launched a campaign to make sure as few of those end up in landfill as possible. After seeing the heart-wrenching footage of preventable plastic pollution on the BBC’s Blue Planet, staff and students have decided it’s time to see what small but significant action can be taken.
Tim Johnson, Deputy Head has initiated a school-wide campaign to increase the quantity, visibility and use of dedicated recycling bins around school.
Kate Frame, Head of House has launched a whole school recycling poster competition to promote environmentally responsible behaviour.
Fulford’s Computing, Science and Design Technology departments have joined forces to launch Recycle3D: a project that aims to get Fulford students recycling their own plastic bottles into 3d printer filament. Students can then 3d print their own educational models using materials they’ve recycled themselves as well as making gifts to sell to raise money for good causes that the students feel passionate about supporting.
Students at Fulford’s STEM club have been learning how to design and animate 3d objects. The next step is to purchase and assemble a multicolour 3d printer. The final stage is to purchase and set up a student-led recycling production line so that they can turn waste plastic bottles into 3d printer filament.
If successful, staff at Fulford are keen to work with local primary schools to establish STEM clubs and 3d printing facilities wherever there’s a desire to replicate the success of this project.
In order to get the project up and running, students need to raise £1500 for the equipment necessary to process plastic bottles into 3d printer filament.
Y10 iMedia students have created a video for a crowd funding site, rocketfund in the hope of raising awareness so that local businesses can donate enough money to get the project started.
If you want to find out more or are able to donate a small amount to support this project, please check out https://rocket.fund/p/recycle3d/
Pete Dring and some of his students will hopefully be vising the Two Rivers Radio studio later this month to talk about Recycle 3d in more detail.
Keep your ears peeled!

World Book Day UK TRR presents Best Reads List!

We start March with the #WorldBookDayUK,
Two Rivers Radio team prepared a small list of books that are definitely worth reading!

1. First from Compost John of Compost John’s Recycled Radio Show:
The Oracle of Oil: A maverick geologist’s quest for a sustainable future
by Mason Inman

Fantastic biography about M. King Hubbert, who first noticed patterns in oilfield exploration, discovery, extraction and peak production. He predicted peak oil in the USA as 1970, back in 1956, and was widely ridiculed. He got the prediction absolutely right (until 2017 when oil production rose above the 1970 peak!). His prediction for global peak oil production was a bit more ‘fuzzy’, and has been complicated by the emergence of ‘tight oil’ production, so, fracking of shale, and tar sands, but he’s still a much admired character who was passionate about many things other than his geologist training.”

2. From Rose of @Podcastpoets we have
The Lost Prophecies: A Historical Mystery
by Bernard Knight, C. J. Sansom, Ian Morson, Michael Jecks, Philip Gooden, and Susanna Gregory

575 AD: A baby is washed up on the Irish coast and is taken to the nearest abbey. He grows up to become a scholar and a monk, but, in early adulthood, he appears to have become possessed, scribbling endless strange verses in Latin. When the Abbott tries to have him drowned, he disappears. Later, his scribblings turn up as the Book of Bran, his writings translated as portents of the future. Violence and untimely death befall all who come into the orbit of this mysterious book .

3. And also from Rose
by Fiona Mozley

It really is worth the hype.”

Atmospheric and unsettling,Elmet is a lyrical commentary on contemporary society and one family’s precarious place in it, as well as an exploration of how deep the bond between father and child can go.

4. Mia Wilson from our #NewsTeam recommends
Dark Matter
by Michelle Paver

“Pretty scary but also pretty cool- really clever as well, your own imagination makes up the ‘thing’!”

January 1937. Clouds of war are gathering over a fogbound London. Twenty-eight year old Jack is poor, lonely, and desperate to change his life, so when he’s offered the chance to join an Arctic expedition, he jumps at it.

5. From Ross Bennett we have:
Brexit:what the hell happens next
by Ian Dunt

Our departure from the European Union is filled with propaganda, myth and and half truth – but the risks are very real. Mishandling Brexit could lower our global status, diminish our quality of life, and throw our legal system into turmoil. This is the first full public exploration of Brexit, shorn of the wishful thinking of its supporters in Parliament and the media.

6. And from YorkMan of @catchafire:
The Gate to Women’s Country
by Sheri S. Teppe

Set in a post-holocaust feminist dystopia that offers only two political alternatives: a repressive polygamist sect that is slowly self-destructing through inbreeding and the matriarchal dictatorship called Women’s Country. Here, in a desperate effort to prevent another world war, the women have segregated most men into closed military garrisons and have taken on themselves every other function of
government, industry, agriculture, science and learning.”

7. Adam Welsh from #NewsTeam recommends:
The Descent of Man
by Grayson Perry

Spectacular read, very humble and seemingly accurate account of many of the problems with a patriarchal society and how feminism and equality would (surprise surprise) make the world a better place for all.”

8. and another one from Adam :
If on a Winters Night a Traveller
by Italo Calvino

Simply brilliant, would need a lot more room to properly explain how and why, the main character is you, the reader, and it is just mind blowing literature. “

9. And one from Me 😉
The Secret Life of Cows
by Rosamund Young

Charming, hilarious book following a family of cows and their mischief. It makes an interesting point that we should not judging animals intelligence in relation to our own.

Tune Into Glass Half Full at 8pm Tonight! :)

We are brimming with positive stories on this month’s Glass Half Full!

@KlockworksKate tries goose herding with Cath, Diane, Dave and Tom from the Friends of Rowntree Park to free the popular park from goose poo.

Jane Huswit of York CVS joins Kate in the @TwoRiversRadio studio to talk about the volunteers making sure York is Ready For Anything.

Also, Sue Lister and Penny Bainbridge will also be Kate’s guests to preview York International Women’s Festival 2018 and talk about No Kidding, a play by Real People Theatre group that tackles ageing without children.

Reserve your seat for Glass Half Full 8.00-9.00pm and listen in at http://tworiversradio.stream

Ask York #2

Two Rivers Radio invites you to join the audience for the second edition of Ask York.

This month we will be recording the show at Chill in the Community Cafe on Acomb Front Street on Sunday evening.

There is a definite health and well-being focus among this month’s panelists, although questions on other topics will be warmly welcomed.

Join us from 7pm – recording to begin at 7:45pm and last approximately an hour.

The month the panel will include:

Rachael Maskell – MP for York Central (Lab)





Mary Passeri – Director of Chill in the Community CIC




Cllr. Carol Runciman – Executive Member for Adult Health & Social Care  (Lib Dem)




Cllr. Chris Steward  (Con)






The panel will be chaired by Pete Kilbane of the Angel on the Green.

The show will not be broadcast live, but will be recorded and broadcast on Two Rivers Radio between 2-3pm and again from 7-8pm on Monday 26th February.


Two Rivers Radio is a community broadcaster run exclusively by dedicated volunteers that want to bring the City of York, fresh, independent and locally produced radio – featuring music, news, current affairs, special interest programming and more.

If you would like to get in touch to show your support or if you would like to get involved, please email: tworiversradio@gmail.com

The Poetry Show & Stairwell Books Presents…

On Monday at 1pm, The Poetry Show talks about FEAR followed by Stairwell Books Presents: Becca Miles

The Poetry Show Season One episode is on FEAR, which features Laurence O’Reilly and guest Neil Cathan. After that, Alan will sit down with Becca Miles, SWB editorial assistant and LARP expert. What is LARP, you ask? Tune in and find out! Or are you afraid…..?

The Poetry Show Season One Episode 26: Today’s show is about FEAR.

What makes you frightened? What IS ‘FEAR’? I once heard someone say “people lie when they’re afraid,” so before you lie, ask yourself: what am I scared of? Okay, maybe.

I have felt fear: walking down a street at night. Walking through a parking lot at night. Stairwells in big, emptyish buildings, at day OR at night. In fact I’ll do a poem (an old one) on the very certain, specific fears, that women can have. I once had a personal tragedy and so, I was left even MORE afraid after it. You’d think the worst has happened, and yet I actually was more fearful of it happening again, afterward.

Fear can be healthy: we are aware of our surroundings; we’re being careful. Every soldier is scared shitless, or they’re dead…. do you agree? Okay: Is fear GOOD? Should we have fear? Isn’t keeping an eye out for the sabre tooth tiger just part of being human?

All That UniBrass

Wide ranging brass music show in which Kate Lock plays anything with horns!

On the show on Monday 12 Feb we’ll be hearing about Unibrass 2018 from Amy Pezet, a Unibrass volunteer and percussionist with University of York Brass Band.

Unibrass is coming to York Barbican this Saturday (17 Feb) and we will be playing pieces by last year’s winners, as well as a piece by Tubular Brass, which is playing the evening gala concert.

Also on the show we’ll have Juliet Powell, one of the members of the 40-strong all-women brass band that has been put together from bands from York and the East Riding of Yorkshire to mark York International Women’s Week by making women’s voices heard – through brass!
Kate will also be playing a couple of true brass band all-time classics – tune in at 8.00pm