Schedule – 10/09/2018

Good Morning York!

Another Monday filled to the brim with great music and fantastic content prepared for you by Two Rivers Radio Team, so tune in from midday till 10pm!

12pm-2pm –  Declan Minskip presents two great hours of  Lunchtime Rush! Great music and Declan will be talking about the gentle changeover into autumn!

2pm – 3pm –  We will re-play a previous episode of the LGBT Hour with Lisa Kelly, who summarises the best of LGBT events from that month and talks about what’s coming up!  (Remember, as this is a repeat future events may have already passed.)

3pm – 4pm – What Rock? is re-playing Pop-Punk episode in it’s fullness this week, going to cherry pick the gems of a genre with a lot of great bands and a lot of bad bands, talk about the genre as a whole as well as some recent news and their personal favourites.

4pm-6pm –  This slot is going to be a bit of pleasant Pic’n’Mix! If you are interested in doing some radio work and maybe getting your own show on the internet waves get in touch!

6pm-7pm – It’s time for something Weird. Last month, Bob Horton and and all of the members of his production team were killed in the apocalypse, triggered by them accidentally summoning the Elder God Hastur. This month, they are broadcasting live from the afterlife, where they have met some new friends.
This is Bob Horton Brings the Weirdness!

7pm – 8pm –  It’s The Fanfiction show! Becca Miles leads a discussion about what is – and isn’t – fanfiction. Can we create our own fan-created fiction based on real life people? Hosted by Becca Miles and featuring Elly Brine & Emily Drew.

8pm – 9pm –  On Glass Half Full  this month: Concerned about litter in York? And not just in our city but plastic pollution being washed out to sea? Eleanor and Ethan (pictured) are and they’ll be telling presenter Kate Lock why – and what they’re doing about it – in Monday’s show. We will also be hearing from Linda C Lark who is studying marine science – and cleaning up York Beach – and Kate will be joined by Deputy Leader of City of York Council, Cllr Andrew Waller, who has the Environment portfolio and Andrew Lowson, Executive Director of York BID.

9pm – 10pm –  Maxime Maigret  presents Baguette & Croissant, our insigth into the world of French music.
This session will be about the French reggae scene ! Obviously the focused band this time will be Dub Inc and I will go on the recent scene … as on the old one !
Two Rivers Radio is a community radio station dedicated to providing unique, original and independent media for the people of York. Run by a dedicated team of hard-working volunteers, Two Rivers Radio is “By the people of York, for the people of York, in the heart of York”

We broadcast every Monday from midday ’til 11pm from our pop-up studio at the The Corner Pin, Tanner Row, York.


Other exciting:
Ask York is back! …and again we will be tackling the biggest issues facing the City of York.In this edition of the programme we will be talking about city centre regeneration, the death of the high-street, the rise of the indie, the changing face of the city centre in the wake of mass shop closures, residential development, tourism v resident needs and everything in between.

As ever we will present a panel of local decision-makers, influencers, academics and business people to field questions from a live studio audience.

So far confirmed we have:

Phil Pinder, Chair of the York Retail Forum
Cllr Ashley Mason (Lib Dem)
David Dunning, News Editor of Minster FM
Imelda Havers, Director of BlueFish Regeneration

Follow the link to find out more about the event:
Ask York
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Good morning York!!

Tune in to Two Rivers Radio today for a fantastic selection of shows.

Declan Minskip presents The Lunchtime Rush from midday ’til 2pm.

Fasil Demsash will be hosting another edition of Black York between 2-3pm

The 3-4 slot sees Mr Blueskies host another Breaking York – featuring exciting new and local music.

Juliet Powell is back after a short break. The Yor Living Well Show returns to Two Rivers Radio today. The show that highlights our journeys and difficulties through life. This week we chat to Jayne about her use of alcohol and painkillers as a way of coping with difficult periods of her life. She talks about resources and techniques that finally helped her to live a more balanced life. A gripping and interesting story.

5-6pm – Pop punk with ‘What Rock?’ Join Sam & Alex picking out the best of a crowded genre and talking about the evolution of some of the genre’s biggest names as well as the usual music news highlights.

6-7pm – This month Lisa Kelly looks back at the past month, looks ahead to the next month, brings you the latest LGBT news including the latest on the Anne Lister Rainbow plaque controversy and will also pack in lots of music with each song having an LGBT link.

At 7pm Christian Simon will be guiding us through the life, times and music of The Damned

John Compost Cossham will be in the hot-seat from 8-9pm, presenting another Recycled Radio Show.

What better way to end the day, but with the Soul Man himself, Mr. Paul Coull!?

07/05/2018 – Schedule

Hello hello hello!! Great 11 hours of #communityradio and some fantastic music shows ahead of us!
By the people of York, for the people of York, in the heart of York!

We will be #liveandloud from our pop-up studio at The corner pin from midday ’til 11pm – bringing you fresh chat, great music and good vibes. Check out our schedule below:

  • Midday – 1pm – #thelunchtimerush with Declan Minskip
    Cheerful good music selection!
  • 1 – 2pm – The Poetry Show & Stairwell Books Presents…
    This Monday on The Poetry Show: FRIENDS, followed by Stairwell Books Presents: A NEW DAWN for The Poetry Show!
    + news about launch events.
  • 2 – 3pm – It is the LGBT Hour with Jake Furby.
  • 3 – 4pm – This hour is currently vacant so it’ll be a pick ‘n mix.
    If you would like to present/produce your own show,
    please contact:
  • 4 – 6pm – Mr. Judge To You; Bank Holiday Special…. featuring York’s Open Mic/ Acoustic Night Legend Chris Barnes, and Mr. Judge himself with live (and unlive) holiday musical offerings for your delicate sunburnt ears!
  • 6- 7pm –  Coastin’ is a brand new show from Stephen Allan and will have features on the big new uk 2018 coasters and a new feature on relocated rides, plus music from Robbie Williams, Elvis, Pink and more!
  • 7 – 8pm –  #MTTY  this month is a Eurovision special, featuring Sandie Shaw, Brotherhood of Man, Johnny Logan, Cliff Richard and others.
  • 8 – 9pm This week’s All That Brass delves into the lively history of brass bands in York and further afield – and there’s plenty of music too, from classics to Cuban and from sunshine soul to jazz trad and street in All That Brass with Kate Lock.
  • 9 – 10pm – We will be visiting the archives and bringing you a
    Soul Show from weeks gone by as Paul Coull can’t
    be with us this evening.
  • 10 – 11pm – Upside Your Mind takes you on a trip from the
    Basement to the Tropics and back – eclectic.
    exciting. electric.

Two Rivers Radio C.I.C is run by a dedicated team of volunteer presenters, producers and technicians. We produce 11 hours of fresh, independent content every week and are looking to expand our schedule.

If you would like to come on board as a producer or a presenter or would like to know about how else you can support this exciting community media project then please email:

Finally, if you like what we’re doing – please like, share, comment, invite your friends, join us at the Corner Pin for a pint, and follow us on our other social media channels @TwoRiversRadio

Schedule – 09/04/2018

Hello, you lovely people!!   Well, today, among some truly wonderful pieces of community radio – you may find one or two ‘Forrest Gump’ moments. “What could this mean?” we hear you chant in unison… what it means is that 3 hours of today’s schedule is unfilled an therefore may be anything. #chocolatebox

Things we will be doing include bringing you the latest news at midday, 3pm and at 6pm as well as the voices, thoughts and opinions of the community in which you live and work.

Join Two Rivers Radio from midday today, right through ’til 11pm for a medley of music and chat that you cannot find on any other local station.

Midday – 1pm – Declan Minskip presents the Lunchtime Rush

1 – 2pm – The Poetry Show & Stairwell Books presents

2 – 3pm – The LGBT Hour with Jake Furby (repeat)

3 – 4pm – some kinda crazy pick ‘n mix

4 – 6pm – Mr. Judge to You! Mr Judge takes a rock ‘n roll view on the murky world of advertising.

6 – 7pm – exciting pick ‘n mix timez

7 – 8pm – Tracy Neasham-Allan presents MTTY – bringing you all the best music of the last 60 years!

8 – 9pm – All That Brass with Kate Lock

9 – 10pm – The Soul Hour – Paul Coull presents the first live soul show in this new slot!

10 – 11pm – Upside Your Mind – a trip from the basement to the tropics and back to close a wonderful day of community radio.

We will be live today from midday until 11pm from our pop-up studio The corner pin. Feel free to join us for a beer and maybe make a request – otherwise, tune in here: and ask your friends to do as well! 

Two Rivers Radio is run exclusively by a very hard-working group of volunteers, dedicated to giving the City of York something it doesn’t already have; original, unique and independent programming, journalism and views!

If you like what we do and want to get involved as a presenter, producer or in any other way please get in touch.

Should you wish to support us financially, either as a business or an individual please email or call Jez Russell: // 07913 685823

#communityradio #York