Mr. Judge to You and the Ultimate Battle of Two Centuries

Oh wow,

Dear listeners, you are all in for quite a treat on tomorrow’s episode of
Mr. Judge to You!,  a gimmicky, gladiatorial, circus-like special.
Declan Minskip whose cheerful chipper you would recognize from Lunchtime Rush, will be joining Mr. Judge at the Musical Battle Arena  that we shall set up at the Corner Pin Studio.

Declan will chose a dozen tracks from this century, and Mr. Judge is to defend himself with a single Max Bygraves medley compilation album from the previous century… should be hilarious! Sort of a sort of community generational marry up for all sorts of subjects centered around music.
Who will be victorious?!

It’s going to be a little silly, it’s going to be very fun!
Join us at 5pm for this very special episode of Mr. Judge to You!