Schedule -18/06/18

This is Two Rivers Radio – Your Community Radio.  By the people of York, for the people of York, in the heart of York!

Midday – 1pm It’s time for Lunchtime Rush with Declan Minskip,
Lot’s of cheer and good humor with a pinch of good old madness!
We are #liveandloud #lunchtimerush

1pm – 2pm The Poetry Show today  talks about Inspiration. Then Stairwell Books Presents: William Thirsk-Gaskill and Valerie Gaskill

2pm – 3pm Ask York is Two Rivers Radio’s monthly panel show looking at all of the key issues affecting the city.  The format is simple: we put together a panel of local politicians, journalists, academics and thought leaders who field questions from a live studio audience.

3pm – 4pm  What Rock!? this time  will be doing an Indie rock show and talking about the genre itself,  with additional music news and upcoming gigs in York and beyond!

4pm – 6pm –  “House of Scouse and The Mehhrseybeats”… A handpicked walk and talk around the Liverpool of the early 1960’s brought personally to you by Mr. Judge To You

6pm – 7pm – Bob Horton Brings the Weirdness.
The Earth is Flat. Apparently. On this month’s Weirdness, we will be discussing the recent renaissance of Flat Earth theory, and the people who believe in it. There will also be possibly York’s first ever live radio Flat/Globe debate. This is not one to miss. Meanwhile in the York Zoo, the Killer Whales have been misbehaving…

7pm – 8pm –  We will be re-playing and episode of Ask York

8pm – 9pm  – In #GlassHalfFullYork , we’ll be featuring #CleanAirDay and meeting a new group in York helping to promote awareness of air pollution on public health. Presenter @KlockworksKate (aka Kate Lock) will be talking to York MP Rachael Maskell about sustainable transport in the city, and we meet Dr Gary Haq, environmental scientist from SEI-York and author of a new children’s book, #MyDadTheEarthWarrior. Plus we have Ned Hoste reviewing One Planet York Healthy City summit at the University of York! So much good stuff going on!

9pm – 10pm – Paul Coull is back. Tune in for some of the very best music in the world, ever – brought you you by York’s very own Soul Man!

10pm – 11pm – Upside Your Mind will close the day with some blissful tunes. A trip from the basement to the tropics and back is waiting for you…
Two Rivers Radio is a community radio station dedicated to providing unique, original and independent media for the people of York. Run by a dedicated team of hard-working volunteers, Two Rivers Radio is “By the people of York, for the people of York, in the heart of York”
We broadcast every Monday from midday ’til 11pm from our pop-up studio at the The Corner Pin, Tanner Row, York.
Further to this, you can find us broadcasting live from all sorts of special events this summer, including Bishy Road Street Party 2018, Dunnington Fayre Goes Live ’18 & Staxtonbury Family Music Festival among others.
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Schedule – 04/06/18

Tune in and join us for some really good musical radio,
Let’s see what we’ve got prepared for you today!
We will be broadcasting live from The corner pin from Midday till 11pm.

Midday – 1pm – The Lunchtime Rush!
Sun or rain it’s gonna be a great start with some cheery tunes
and mad, interesting facts from Declan Minskip. Let us be #liveandloud

1pm- 2pm – The Poetry Show will be talking about Gender in the first half, the Rose Drew & Alan Gillott will be live in the studio for Stairwell Books with composer Nick Williams

2pm – 3pm – Is a bit of a Pick and Mix! Some good music for our one and only: Daddy Cool.

3pm – 4pm – We’ve got first episode of a brand new show for you this week! What Rock? Join Alex Fisher and Sam Booth for an exploration of the rock genre, one sub genre at a time. From classic to post rock Alex and Sam’s choice picks will be sure to have you both banging your head to some big hits and scratching it at some more interesting choices that’re sure to introduce you to your new favorite band!!

4pm – 6pm – Mr. Judge to You! will go under the title “Native New Yorker”… A natural progression from our last show where Paul Simon got by with a little help from his New York and New Jersey friends… We will be Jazzy, Jivey, Alternative, Disco and Rocky on our two hour trip to The Big Apple with our very own rough musical and geographical guide to York’s younger and bigger…. MUCH Bigger Brother and Sister City across T’Atlantic Ocean!

6pm – 7pm – Coastin’ is gonna take us for a big ride with the eclectic mix of music, a review of# Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s new £16.25 million pound attraction, and another re-located ride, now flourishing in Italy!

7pm – 8pm – MTTY with Tracy and Stephen Allan this month is all about the music and events of the year 1969!

8pm – 9pm – All That Brass is tooting it’s horn for … well, anything with horns in it! Presenter Kate Lock is joined by leading York brass player Mike Pratt , who will be picking more of his favourite tracks and discussing the banding scene. Expect 70s music, classic brass and a few euphoniumisms!

9pm-10pm – Soul Hour with the one and only Mr. Paul Coull, let us soothe the mind and hearts! (This will be a show from the archives as Paul is at the Cricket today)

10pm – 11pm – Upside Your Mind takes us on another trip from the basement to the tropics and back. Taking in chillout, funk, tropical house and more…

We hope that you enjoy all or some of our content. There is something for everybody in the Two Rivers Radio schedule – that is because we are by the people of #York, for the people of York, in the heart of York.

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Schedule – 09/04/2018

Hello, you lovely people!!   Well, today, among some truly wonderful pieces of community radio – you may find one or two ‘Forrest Gump’ moments. “What could this mean?” we hear you chant in unison… what it means is that 3 hours of today’s schedule is unfilled an therefore may be anything. #chocolatebox

Things we will be doing include bringing you the latest news at midday, 3pm and at 6pm as well as the voices, thoughts and opinions of the community in which you live and work.

Join Two Rivers Radio from midday today, right through ’til 11pm for a medley of music and chat that you cannot find on any other local station.

Midday – 1pm – Declan Minskip presents the Lunchtime Rush

1 – 2pm – The Poetry Show & Stairwell Books presents

2 – 3pm – The LGBT Hour with Jake Furby (repeat)

3 – 4pm – some kinda crazy pick ‘n mix

4 – 6pm – Mr. Judge to You! Mr Judge takes a rock ‘n roll view on the murky world of advertising.

6 – 7pm – exciting pick ‘n mix timez

7 – 8pm – Tracy Neasham-Allan presents MTTY – bringing you all the best music of the last 60 years!

8 – 9pm – All That Brass with Kate Lock

9 – 10pm – The Soul Hour – Paul Coull presents the first live soul show in this new slot!

10 – 11pm – Upside Your Mind – a trip from the basement to the tropics and back to close a wonderful day of community radio.

We will be live today from midday until 11pm from our pop-up studio The corner pin. Feel free to join us for a beer and maybe make a request – otherwise, tune in here: and ask your friends to do as well! 

Two Rivers Radio is run exclusively by a very hard-working group of volunteers, dedicated to giving the City of York something it doesn’t already have; original, unique and independent programming, journalism and views!

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#communityradio #York