Live and Loud (Nov 12th)

We did a fundraiser.  It was mint.  Here are some pics…

Big thank yous to everybody who came and who played on the night…

Paul Coull, Kid-B, Jez Russell, DJ SpinDub a.k.a Dreddy Chef, Kaya Band & Catch A Fire.

A huge shout-out also to Glenn Hewitt for spending all afternoon, evening and night with us capturing these beautiful images!  🙂   #blessings

Two Rivers Radio presents – Live & Loud

Welcome, one and all to a very exciting afternoon of tunes and good vibes brought to you by the Two Rivers Radio team!

Not only is this a fundraiser for Two Rivers Radio – and a live broadcast – but importantly it is our very own, star presenter, Declan Minskip’s 21st birthday!!! 🙂

He wants tequila, sambuca, the bumps and everything else – so be a part of it.

Take part in the Corner Pin Conker Tournament – only £2 to enter (Free for kids) – all money raised will go towards runing Two Rivers Radio – the City of York’s very own. community radio station.

Expect live music from some of the finest performers in York.

Opening proceedings will be Two Rivers Radio‘s very own Paul Coull(Coullio) who will be bringing you some sweet, sweet soul music!#SoulMusic

Tap your feet and swing your friends to the insatiable rhythm of Electroswing with DJ Jezza. #electroswing #ghettofunk

DJ SpinDub has come on board promising Drum ‘n Bass & Tribal Techno sounds… #dnb #tribal #techno

Find yourself in need of a personal ice-bucket when CatchAFire start burning the soles of your shoes with reggae, ska & dancehall skanks! #morefiyah#dub #reggea #ska #roots

There will be drinks, fabulous music and good times to be had – so be there, or be….


To enter the Conker Tournament please email: with:

Your name
Your Conker’s name

or, register on the day between 3-4pm. 🙂

Child/Family friendly until 7pm! 🙂