Ask York

Ask York is Two Rivers Radio’s monthly panel show looking at all of the key issues affecting the city.  The format is simple: we put together a panel of local politicians, journalists, academics and thought leaders who field questions from a live studio audience.

Ask York is not broadcast live, but is recorded a day or two before transmission.  If you would like to be in the audience for this or any future editions please do get in touch:

The April edition of the show will be focusing on city centre regeneration, retail decline and the end of the high-street.  Is the high-street as we know it in danger of being lost forever – look at all the empty units on Coney Street!  Or, are big businesses pulling out of the city centre in favour of out of town retail packs and in turn opening the city centre up for a Bishy Road-esque explosion of interesting, locally owned independents.

This is a highly emotive and relevant topic to anybody who has a love for this city.  This will be a programme not to be missed.

Panelists and recording venue TBC.


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