Mr. Judge to You and the Ultimate Battle of Two Centuries

Oh wow,

Dear listeners, you are all in for quite a treat on tomorrow’s episode of
Mr. Judge to You!,  a gimmicky, gladiatorial, circus-like special.
Declan Minskip whose cheerful chipper you would recognize from Lunchtime Rush, will be joining Mr. Judge at the Musical Battle Arena  that we shall set up at the Corner Pin Studio.

Declan will chose a dozen tracks from this century, and Mr. Judge is to defend himself with a single Max Bygraves medley compilation album from the previous century… should be hilarious! Sort of a sort of community generational marry up for all sorts of subjects centered around music.
Who will be victorious?!

It’s going to be a little silly, it’s going to be very fun!
Join us at 5pm for this very special episode of Mr. Judge to You!

The Poetry Show and Stairwell Books Presents: POLITICS AND BLAME, followed by a chat with John Wheatcroft

John Wheatcroft at Cull Valley Book launch

On Monday, 12th February, The Poetry Show episode is “Politics and Blame” (brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department). Following that, former newspaper columnist, now novelist and playwright John Wheatcroft joins us to talk about newspapers, his first book Here In The Cull Valley, and his upcoming operetta, a work in progress being created with his wife Kay.
John Wheatcroft’s debut novel Here in the Cull Valley, is a ‘why-dunnit’ beginning with three deaths in an apparent road accident. It unfolds through articles and features written in two newspapers, one of them a ‘national’ publication which exists only in the head of its dying protagonist.
Despite the engagingly eccentric format, Wheatcroft has produced a novel which also plays by traditional rules of character and narrative, and features a grittily realistic West Yorkshire setting.
John says: “The story came first – then the format. I set out to tell the tale of a more-or-less decent man who is destroyed by a consuming passion for a woman he doesn’t even like, and by his struggle with a troubled past.
“So Here in the Cull Valley is not a book about journalism. However, the format I’ve chosen and my own experiences on newspapers do give me an opportunity to provide a picture of life on a regional publication in an industry which is on the cusp of real crisis.”

Before John sits down in the Corner Pin, enjoy the Poetry Show episode about POLITICS ….and by that, we mean our culture of BLAME. Frankly the show will just write itself and then throw a tantrum.
What is going on? What happened? I thought that old arc of the moral compass was bending toward justice but it’s taking a detour out past No Rights Lane and down by Blame The Other Blvd. Srsly wtf. And I REALLY thought we were past all the so-called race hatred stirred up lately. Oh, MY.
Its everyone’s damn fault except the real villains! Blame refugees…. but not war mongerers. Blame the desperate but NOT those who slashed the social safety net AND taxes. When you cut taxes? You replace them with FEEs. As an example, in the USA, that’s become the loss of fire fighters in small towns, and the rise of VOLUNTEER fire fighters.. .who work for FREE. These guys can just go burn their arses off for free. Guy will hear the alarm and think “Oh no, I can’t walk out on yet another shift! I need the money! Probably another brush fire” and no, it’s a house. Or a fee for fire fighting services…. when GW slashed taxes, towns had to instigate Fire Fees and if you didn’t pay? They’d spray the neighbour’s house in case your fire spread, but not put water on your actual burning house. Yes. This happened in Ohio. Woman didn’t pay the $75. Her house burned down while the fire crew watched.
Here, we close hospital wards, throw the ill people out, then arrest them when they beg for food money, or sleep rough. We slash tax on the wealthy and then complain that scroungers are not working at jobs that aren’t easy to find. We blame incomers for ‘stealing’ jobs but you can’t steal a job, like stealing an election or dodging tax in offshore accounts. Jobs are given out, by the one in charge. Tune in to hear us talk about politics and blame.

Staxtonbury Family Music Festival 2018 – Early Bird Tickets

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The Poetry Show & Stairwell Books Present:

Today, The Poetry Show (Eden Agency) will be investigating ‘Hidden Languages’.

David Lee Morgan couldn’t stay up in Yorkshire: but he’ll be back in March. So Stairwell Books presents: Alice Tomlinson!

What is Twilight Birth? Alice has researched this and we can be thankful those days are long behind us.

Or with You-Know- Whose in power in the US, are they? #HandMaidsTale

Twilight was the early to mid-Twentieth Century practice of Twilight Birth.

Yeeesh! Alice is in Dream Catcher Magazine and performs in York and London. Alice also just supported new novelist Claire Patel-Campbell at a packed launch of Abernathy at New School House Gallery.

The image is of Alice reading at this launch, attended by no less than 7 new-born babies, and about 50 full-sized folks.

And just before we sit down with Alice, we’ll hear The Poetry Shows! (Eden Agency). This week, guest Lucy Furlong, back up from London visiting us in the provinces, discusses Secret or Hidden Languages.

Today’s show is about secret languages. Pig Latin, Cockney slang, anything designed to avoid The Man and throw authorities off the scent.

I’m totally out of my depth here, but an unrelated phrase that rhymes with the real, target word or phrase is used and then even just one word that reminds you of the phrase is good enough.

Trouble & Strife for wife. (Heyyyyyyy, where’s one for ‘husband’?) And you can shorten them to add to the secrecy and confusion for outsiders. Scooby (as in Scooby Doo) for clue.

Give it a Butcher’s Hook for ‘Look’ can become “So go give it a butcher’s”.

Lucy had remarked she wouldn’t Eve it, as in Adam and Eve or ‘Believe’ it and that led to this topic.  Now in MY field, we’ve discussed indigenous languages that are used to keep the conquerors off your back, but we just don’t have the Cockney language in America. Or do we?

CALL IN or email me and yell at me if I’m wrong.  Closest I have was when some Polish guys who worked in the same shabbily posh country
club as teenage me spoke their language to get by the bosses; or how a smile can be taken wrong… or maybe is just too self-analysed.

Schedule – 5/02/18

Tune in to listen to all the amazing shows we prepared for you today:

Declan Minskip is ready to make your Mondays a bit more lively and cheerful during Lunchtime Rush, from midday to 1pm – Merry tunes that will make you wanna dance.#thelunchtimerush #liveandloud

Next up we have the most amazing Rose and Alan with The Poetry Show from 1pm. This weeks show is all about secret languages (Shh! It’s a secret!), with guest Lucy Furlong, who came all the way from London. Shortly after, the Stairwell Books and their guest Alice Tomlinson will tell us about – thankfully long abandoned – practices such as Twilight Birth!

Between 2-3pm Fasil Desmash‘s show Black York will focus on issues relating to the BAME community in York and celebrate York\’s growing cultural diversity.

3pm will bring Mr. Paul Coull  – the Soul Man – to us for an hour of best classics and soothing #Soul Music.

4pm means it’s time for Upside Your Mind – more music from across the globe, from the present, past and the future! Music from the Tropics to warm us up in the cold, and slightly wintery York.

From 5pm Two Rivers Radio Studio will Catch a Fire! Tune in for two hours of the finest skanking tunes you’ll find, all brought together by the City of York’s reggae rhythm aficionados – Daddy Harper and YorkMan

Between 7-8pm Mark Chandler’s Hub of Music,Games and Wrestling is back with an interview with the Leader of Team Dirtbags, Dirtbag Dave Stewart. Dave is known for his dabbing skills. Then some great live music from the young talented band Small Screen.

At 8pm Off the Radar with Chalkie the Yorkie at the steering wheel, presents an hour of classic Blues, Skiffle and R’n’B tunes that were present at the birth of what we now call Rock ‘n Roll.

9-11pm The Cowboys From Hell are going to be rocking the TRR studio ’til it shakes!  Tune in to join Steve Allan & Black Dog for some of the heaviest metal around.

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