S2.3 The Poetry Show: ROLE PLAYING (no! not that kind. stop that.)  followed by Stairwell Books Presents: Return of the Mantra by Susie Williamson

The Poetry Show is about poems for everyone: it’s not that stuff you learned in school. This week, we talk with Becca about Larp: Live Action Role Play, which is, as Becca describes it, “a cross between Re-enactment, Fan Fiction, and camping.” Or…. something like that. Sometimes I just make stuff up. Becs said at least PART of that.

Anyway, when daughter Emily and I go to Anime conventions, I always go as Sally: I am forever putting myself back together after fate, and sometimes nasty people, rip me to shreds. Em goes as her OC du jour: Dead Marco, a motorcycle transformer, a fire-breathing Little Pony, or AU Frisk. What do OC and AU mean? Tune in and find out!

Stairwell Books Presents: Susie Williamson and RETURN OF THE MANTRA
After we learn all sorts of nerd lingo, it’s off to the AU created by Holmsfirth native Susie Williamson: a hot, drought-plagued land where the wild animals are gone, the men dig for crystals, it’s a hyper-capitalist society based on religion, and everyone worships a haughty, selfish just-won’t-die King. No, not Trump. Kinda close though.

Susie launches her sci-fi/fantasy novel RETURN OF THE MANTRA in Exeter later this week and in Holmsfirth in early June! We’ll discuss world building, investigating real life through speculative fiction, and human-made environmental disaster. Join us for role playing and alternative universes both on The Poetry Show and in Stairwell Books Presents.

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