The Poetry Show S2.8 THE MOON and Stairwell Books Presents: William and Valerie

The Poetry Show S2.8 THE MOON and Stairwell Books Presents: William and Valerie. YES this time we mean it

The Poetry Show, Season Two Episode 8.

Monday’s show is about THE MOON, and features Kit Marshall and Becca Miles

Along with Roses being red, and violets blue, poets have written about Junes and Moons.

The moon is our own dear satellite and creates tides; influences the internal tides in a female body; and really does bring out the madness in some. Once, I took Em thru to A&E and there were people shouting at the wall, ranting, singing and so on. I looked at a nurse; she shrugged. I said helpfully “It’s a full moon, you know” and she visibly brightened and called to a colleague: “FULL MOON!” She smiled back and said “That explains it! It’s not normally like this, you know!”

From werewolves to witchcraft, a full moon has taken a lot of blame. I used to say “The moon’s always full at the East Gate” which was a small restaurant with a busy bar that I tended. I’ve got an ‘occasion poem’ I wrote for my sister, when her son Matt and his wife had their first child. If I get to it, I also have one about Alan’s old flat, abandoned to mice and moon.

After TPS, we have Stairwell Books Presents: William Thirsk-Gaskill and Valeri Gaskill.

Two weeks ago, SWB celebrated an excellent somewhat local launch for RETURN OF THE MANTRA, in Susie’s old stomping grounds of Holmfirth. William came along as a support reader, and after the books had sold and the cake been eaten, we sat down with William and Valerie to chat about short stories. William’s launch of SOMETHING I NEED TO TELL YOU will be at the beautiful, 250 year old Leeds Library on Weds July 11th. Join us!


Just want to add: Well done, Declan! SleepEasy, our themed open mic on Sleep, Insomnia, Dreams and all things in-between, was a smash success on Friday. Thanks also to Tom, Jeannette and their family of restauranteurs at True Story Café. Delicious food, fab ambience, and every seat filled. Dec and I will be back with another themed night in two months!

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