The Poetry Show S2.9 WAR & PEACE and Stairwell Books Presents: PJ Quinn’s Poetic Justice 

The Poetry Show S2.9 WAR & PEACE and Stairwell Books Presents: PJ Quinn’s Poetic Justice

The Poetry Show, Season Two Episode 9

At long last, we’re getting to our episodes with Alicia Fernandez and Joe Williams. And first up, we discuss War & Peace.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to discuss Tolstoy, though maybe that would be interesting! In this episode, we’re joined by Joe Williams, and Alicia Fernandez. Alicia has written about the Spanish Civil War, and how her family was involved. I have a few poems on WAR but not so many about PEACE.

America’s mental breakdown and war war war endless war began with 9 / 11. Europe has been at war since, idk. French Revolution? Crimean War? WWI? WWI? Cold War? Now, with the new Cold War?

Have we ever had peace?

After TPS, Stairwell Books Presents: PJ Quinn and DI Ambrose Book 4: Poetic Justice.

Stairwell Books have two launches coming up in the first two weeks of July: Poetic Justice, the fourth book in the DI Ambrose series penned by PJ Quinn (Pauline Kirk & Jo Summers), and the long-awaited story collection Something I Need to Tell You, by Wakefield author William Thirsk-Gaskill. The first event will be most convenient for those in York, and though William’s event is a bit farther afield for York residents, it’ll be much closer for our friends in West Yorkshire. Something for everyone!

First up: Pauline and Jo’s event at Jacob’s Well, York, this coming Thursday, July 5th. This will be the fourth DI Ambrose Mystery. This series examines British life in the late 50s and early 60s, with a few murders thrown in for good measure.

Pauline and Jo will be supported by Claire Patel-Campbell and Alan Smith, and there’ll also be acted readings from the book.

Thursday 5 July, 7.00 for 7.15 pm to 9.00 pm
Jacob’s Well, off Micklegate, York
Trinity Lane YO1 6EL

Come and see one of York’s beautiful Guild Halls and enjoy a relaxing evening. Refreshments will be available and of course copies of Poetic Justice for sale.

Finally: Let’s talk about Beyond the Vote Fest at York St John’s and Staxtonbury! You aint never gonna sleep again.
Well okay you will but not til mid-July.

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