Two Rivers Radio Schedule 26/11/18

Good Morning!

Today from 2pm till 10pm.
Tune in to Two Rivers Radio:

2pm – 3pm –  Black York with Fasil Demsash who will be presenting an open discussion on lived experiences of members of the BAME community in York. His guest, Dev Dee  will share her life and work experience in York by comparing with other parts of the UK she lived.

3pm-4pm – Breaking York with Graham Blueskies. This week we have another track from Ten Millennia’s album – Love Won’t Wait.
We’ll be featuring a track from Peculiar Blue duo Paul and Lynn Harrison songs from Tom Mckenzie, James Herford (aka Jimbo Doomface) and Gary Middleton – we also have another exclusive from Wurly Pig featuring the vocals of Jessica Penn and something from These And The Other Guy – so many great vocals for you to enjoy from brilliant local artists and bands. Sumptuous, sizzling syllables, sliding off the chords mixed with some deliciously delectable lyrics – you’ll want coffee and chocolate cake and an hour where we can take you to a warm place.

4pm-5pm – On this weeks Yor Living Well Show Juliet will be chatting to Dorothy Hodgkinson – change is all around us but sometimes it can be overwhelming, Dorothy talks about ways to cope and relates her own experiences to support this. A lively discussion in prospect and great music including some Cat Stevens!

5pm-6pm – This slot is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix! If you’d like to join two rivers radio send us a message or email us on

6pm – 7pm –  On this edition of the Totally Serious(!) Heavy Metal show, our hero decides to hang out with some Gauls & some Huns, indulges in a little light necromancy, a little bit of modern warfare and some palaeontology, getting a lift back to reality at the end of it all by a fella from Nazareth who drives a rather funky automobile… Because as always, heavy metal is serious business!

7pm-8pm –  This month on Music history 101, Christian will be going through the history of musical pioneers The Velvet Underground. Tune in to hear some great tunes and crazy stories of music, art, sex, drugs and conflict

8pm – 9pm –  This month on Compost John’s Recycled Radio Show, Kate Hey, Student Council leader and Eco Brick initiator at Bootham School, and Robert Gardiner from the school would like to share about their ecobrick project with John. The ‘bricks’ made will be collected and used to make some furniture that will be used in the school. Kate and Robert will bring a ½ filled Eco brick and will discuss how to make them.

9pm-10pm – Covering the graveyard shift this week is The Other Side Of The Tracks. Glenn will be playing album tracks from Classic Albums released 50 years ago. Expect music from The Stones, The kinks, The Band, Cream and The Beatles amongst others. A treat for your ears!
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