Tune in to Two rivers radio – 28/01/19

Good Morning!
Tune in to Two Rivers Radio:  Midday till 10pm.


12pm – 1pm – On this weeks edition of The Lunchtime Rush Declan will be recounting his adventures during the residents weekend, how the Dream Big poetry open mic went, and also talking about the upcoming York Ice Trail

1pm – 2pm –  Jayne Phoenix takes you for a trip back in time, with news stories, music and any other interesting facts she can find from a chosen year. Have a guess at the year and tweet @tworiversradio using the hashtag #MoMe to have the chance to win a prize.

2pm – 3pm –   The FanFiction Show

3pm-4pm –   Last week on What Rock? , we looked at What Rocked? About last year, this week Sam and Alex are looking to the future in What Will Rock? We will be putting our predictions in for what bands are going to be a hit this year, and who might not do so well…

4pm-5pm – This hour is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

5pm-6pm – Rose Drew is back with a special new series called ROSEY’S TIME CAPSULE, which is part anthropology, part history, and part politics: pretty much just like Rose herself. What happened in January in the past? Tune in and find out!

6pm – 7pm –  This hour is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

7pm-8pm –  Well here we are nearly at the end of January 2019 already!

Don’t let the cold seep to your bones, but do chill out by staying tuned in to Two Rivers Radio and listening to Breaking York.

We have quickly become know for playing cool tunes that others don’t, getting artists airplay who are generally under appreciated elsewhere and sharing little insights about who did what,with whom and when – It’s better than any soap opera – coz it’s real – and they don’t have cool music like us.

So who’s on the show?
Well as we get ready to chat with Colin Cutler in two weeks time we’ll have a track from him.
We have some Van Der Neer, Jade Helliwell, a new ‘Out of town’ feature where we play a track from a band/ artist wanting to gig in York, more from Sorry Kisses, James Herford and others besides.

Also we’ll be sharing information about our charity fund raisers, the next Breaking York mini tour and any general chit chat.

Why don’t you message us by email tworiversradio@gmail.com Tweet to #Breakingyork or text 07967518287 and tell which festivals ( outside the biggies) you fancy this year.

8pm – 9pm – A bit of a hubbub  with Helena Wiggins is a new show on Two Rivers Radio.

A social, historical and moderately amusing canter around the surreal, quirky and sometimes ridiculous side of York, with some eclectic music mashed in for good measure.
This month we look at: Dogs, the despicable and a despairing York icon.
9pm-10pm – Tune in to Baguette et Croissant with Maxime!
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