Schedule – 25/02/19

Good Morning!
Tune in to Two Rivers Radio:  Midday till 10pm.

12pm – 2pm – Double trouble, join us for  two hour edition of The Lunchtime Rush with Declan! Full of uplifting tunes that are bound to make your Monday a great day!

2pm – 3pm –   Tune in to Black York.

3pm-4pm –   This week on What Rock? Sam and Alex will be taking a trip back in time to the 90s! Where we will discuss what was good. What was bad and what was ugly… (spooky!)

4pm-5pm – This hour is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

5pm-6pm –  There is a wide programme of events this February in York to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history organised by York LGBT History Month, and last weekend it was celebrated by LGBT Mastermind. Hosted at the Corner Pin on Tanner Row, the event was
based on the television programme ‘Mastermind’ and saw six contenders competing to answer the most LGBT-related general knowledge questions within two minutes.

With Lisa Kelly asking the questions and Jake Furby keeping time and score, the contenders responded to a wide range of cultural and socio-political questions, the answers to which were often rather surprising and indeed fascinating.

Tune in to listen to the LGBT Mastermind!

6pm – 7pm –  This week on Bob Horton brings the Weirdness: Bob Horton celebrates another orbit of the sun. There won’t be cake, but there may be wedges. We will be celebrating space, the celestial, and all things weird about them. Bob is also going to try his hand at horoscopes

7pm-8pm –   Tune in to Breaking York – We’ll be playing something from Colin Cutler, Nina Sundstrom and Lucy Starr – Lucy is currently studying in Hull will be our special guest on 8th April show. We’ll be able to tell you more about other guests we hope will be able to join us soon and we have our first charity gig coming up on 2nd March at Lendal Cellars, in aid of iDAS a charity that works with victims of domestic violence.

Why don’t you message us by email Tweet to #Breakingyork or text 07967518287 and tell which festivals ( outside the biggies) you fancy this year.

8pm – 9pm – A bit of a hubbub  with Helena Wiggins.

A social, historical and moderately amusing canter around the surreal, quirky and sometimes ridiculous side of York, with some eclectic music mashed in for good measure.
 Trains, planes and the Canadian Goose. This week we ask why you’d visit magnificent medieval wonders when you could just check out the rail station, what makes good in-flight etiquette and what on earth is the deal with all those Canadian Geese?
9pm-10pm – Tune in to Baguette et Croissant with Maxime!
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