Schedule – 25/03/19

Good Morning!
Tune in to Two Rivers Radio:  Midday till 10pm.

12pm – 1pm – On this weeks edition of The Lunchtime Rush Declan will be sitting down for a lovely chat with former presenter Stephen Allan all about the lovely charity work he’s doing for The Bradley Lowery Foundation.

1pm – 2pm –  The Art of the Matter is back and Claudia will  be discussing the famous Ghent Altarpiece with local art historian, Thomas Bromwell, before discussing the events at nearby Beverley Art Gallery with curator Helena Cox and then talking to Jeff from The Art of Protest Gallery in York, its founding and message.

2pm – 3pm – This hour is going to be a bit of Pic’n’Mix from our archives! Tune in.

3pm-4pm –   This week on What Rock? We couldn’t think of a theme… So Sam and Alex will be playing rock songs that they feel like playing, for the laziest What Rock? So far!

4pm -5pm – This is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

5pm – 6pm – That Guy Called SI and HMGW ‘s Mark present the first ever episode of Radio Open Mic! They will be playing a mix of their own favorite tracks aswell as talking to their live guest Thomowho will also be performing live music throughout the show.

6pm – 7pm –  Bob Horton brings the Weirdness. This month on the Weirdness, we are not alone. We have no idea if aliens actually exist, but for the purposes of this show, they do

7pm-8pm –   Tune in to Breaking York –  So Breaking York on Monday 25th sees us break new ground. As well as some more from Colin Cutler and another track from Lucy Starr, our guest in two weeks time, we also have a new track from local band The Recievers – we’ll be playing the newly released single – ‘Saturday’ and letting you know about their gig dates, and other fun stuff – have a new track from Nathan Jessop – on so ‘n’ so music another track from Quiet Eyes, not played before . Listen out for it and the competition to win tickets to see them playing at Staxtonbury Music Festival on 4th July. More from Kid Conventional aka Jack Weston an unusual track from Ihrsan called Scoobydoo and hopefully a bit from a Blueskies track out on spotify etc courtesy of a remix with Paulie – he’s remixed Rescue (me) you’ll be able to find it on all the usual platforms as of now, enjoy.

Why don’t you message us by email Tweet to #Breakingyork or text 07967518287 and tell which festivals ( outside the biggies) you fancy this year.

8pm – 9pm –This is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

9pm-10pm – Tune in to Baguette et Croissant with Maxime!
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Review: Vanity & Vision

On Saturday 16th March, guests at “Vanity & Vision” witnessed a glamorous tale of rivalry, Peter Schaffer’s masterful film of 1984, Amadeus, based on his play of the same name. Not only did the masterpiece itself delight viewers, but all in attendance were also treated to an evening that oozed the eighteenth century.

Hosted at the magnificent York Mansion House – home to the Lord Mayors of York – the event was a collaboration between CinemArts Ltd., whose Creative Director is John Beecroft, and the York Literature Festival. Guests arrived for 19:00 to be greeted with a drink and the opportunity to explore the splendid eighteenth-century abode before taking their seats at tables in the State Room to enjoy light music by composers of the Georgian era.

John Beecroft of CinemArts Ltd. gave a short introduction before Amadeus began on the large screen, a fictionalised biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a film widely considered to be one of the best of all time. The screening was also punctuated with intermissions, the first of which consisted in a fabulous performance from guest Soprano, Janette Davies, of a repertoire of typical eighteenth-century drawing room music. Delectable platters of Baroque-inspired food were served to guests by York-based food, drink, and event specialists, Blakefields, who also provided the fine array of drinks all evening with a bar at the back of the hall. All in all, “Vanity & Vision” was an doubly alliterative eighteenth-century extravaganza!

To learn more about CinemArts and their forthcoming immersive cinema experiences, please follow on social media!

CinemArts on Facebook

CinemArts on Twitter

Words by Claudia L. Wardle  (presenter of The Art of the Matter)

Header image courtesy of CinemArts Ltd

Photo image: Claudia L. Wardle

Two Rivers Radio Schedule – 18/03/19

Tune into Two Rivers Radio today from midday.

Your local #communityradio station bringing you the best in music, talk and more!

Midday – 2pm – The Lunchtime Rush with Declan Minskip.
On this weeks edition of the lunchtime rush Declan will be talking all about the little things in life and how they make life worth living

2pm – 3pm – On Black York  Fasil Demsash will be interviewing one of the outstanding Black Gospel vocalist Libby Redman on her works, inspirations and challenges working on Black Gospel. Traditional African Jazz songs will entertain us though the show!

3pm – 4pm – LGBT Mastermind!

4pm – 5pm – In this week’s Yor Living Well Show, Juliet reflects on the York Family Wellbeing Day and the importance of ensuring we have strategies in place to look after ourselves and our children. She will round up the post event news and consider where should wellbeing be playing a bigger part in our communities. Plus great music from the 80s and 90s.

5pm – 6pm – The legendary connoisseur is back with a heavy special stash consisting of : great chat, abstract gags, ancient stories, rare tracks of red hot steaming wax like : The Slits, Patti Smith, BTO, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 5 horse Johnson, Joy Division, Thin Lizzy, Big Star, Buckwheat Zydico, Nazareth, Bowie, The Stranglers, Gun Club, The Ventures , PIL, Green day and Iggy Pop to name but a few of the sensational vibes i am gonna be spinning into your ear holes,, Tune in and become like us, Trans-formative !!

6pm – 7pm – This hour is going to be a bit of Pic’n’Mix and we will play something from the depths of our Archives! But in the future it could be YOUR show – get in touch –

7pm – 8pm – Christian will be looking at hip hop pionèers Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five on tonight’s Music History 101 . Join him for a deep dive into the origins of the world’s most successful genre of music.

8pm-9pm – Compost John’s Recycled Radio Show will be focusing on the important decision from the City of York Council on Thursday 21st when Councillors will debate a Green Party motion that the City should declare a Climate Emergency. Guests will be Councillor Denise Craghill and Sam Biram, a candidate standing in Micklegate Ward. John and his Green colleagues are all pushing for a Climate Emergency; Denise as an elected representative, John as an Extinction Rebellion activist, and Sam as a person in his early 20s, inheriting the environmental mess the previous generations have caused. Expect lively conversation and some music.

9pm-8pm “D.I.S.C.O”….The Late Mr Judge To You will be strutting its late night stuff around the clubs of old New York, in the earth time period circa late 20th Century, with some late night groove Disco classics on the jivetalkingtastic Two Rivers Radio!

Two Rivers Radio broadcasts every Monday from our pop-up studio at The corner pin. Tune in here:

Vanity & Vision

Enjoy a wonderful film and immerse yourself in the food, music and style of the day at Mansion House.

Join CinemArts Ltd in celebrating the life of one of history’s greatest composers – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

During the evening you will enjoy a Baroque inspired meal platter and a bar will be available throughout for purchase of a range of drinks.

Saturday 16th March @ 7pm – £25

Review: No Frills – Sleaford Mods

I took a trip to Fibbers last week to see The Fall sound-a-likes The Sleaford Mods.

Prior to their arrival on stage we were treated to support act Liines (I can only assume the extra I is to make their name easier to Google). The band themselves are a 3 piece alternative, post-punk band from Manchester.

The easiest comparison to make in terms of their sound would be Gang of Four (repeated statements as lyrics and a bass which seems to be turned up to 11). The band consists of lead singer Zoe McVeigh (who looks like Justine Frischman from Elastica and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance had a love child), Tamsin Middleton on the aforementioned dirty bass and Leila O’Sullivan on drums.

I have to say, having never even heard of the band before, I was mightily impressed with their stage presence and their songs even if some of them are a little too derivative of 1980’s post punk for my liking. I would definitely recommend checking them out on whatever device you use to listen to your music.

Following the satisfying starter course of the support band, The Sleaford Mods came on for our main event of the evening. If you have never seen the band before, my only warning would be to not go in expecting all the sensory stimuli which normally comes when you see a successful band. There are no frills here; no light shows, no smoke machines, a very basic, unmoving background image on the screen behind. It is literally two men and a drum machine. The first thing to say about the band would be that Andrew Fearn has the easiest job in music from a live performance perspective. He stands there with his bottle of lager and presses play at the start of the song – that’s it! This is not a criticism by the way as I think it actually adds to the bands don’t give a shit attitude that they seem to have towards anything that could be considered as extraneous. Vocalist James Williamson has good stage presence, particularly his extensive use of what can only be described as the T-Rex arm whilst gesticulating. Suprisingly, some of his mannerisms also cross into Morrissey territory.  His ‘singing’ style can best be described as a hybrid of spoken word/ shouting/ rapping. All in all, he keeps the crowds attention well throughout their set.

The bands set consisted of many songs of their new album ‘Eton Alive’ which is a good thing as I feel this is their strongest album to date due to the increased complexity of the backing music composed by Andrew Fearn, and the introduction of some much needed melody during choruses (something which I think really helps to differentiate between songs). The new songs were punctuated by old favourites such as ‘TCR’ which seemed to have the most resonance with the live crowd.

Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing them live but I perhaps would have liked to see a bit more stage banter in between the songs to introduce the context due to the live setting the lyrics can sometimes get a bit lost in amongst all the other noise going on in the venue. This is important as the lyrics, telling the stories of everyday UK life, are the main selling point of the band.

Words by Christian Greenwood  (Presenter of Music History 101: the Story of…)

Image Credit: YelloMustang /

Two Rivers Radio Schedule – 11/03/2019

Good morning people of York!

Tune in from midday here.

Midday – 1pm –  On this weeks edition of The Lunchtime Rush. Declan will be talking about old television shows and their iconic themes, which ones he loves, which ones he hates. and which shows are due for a comeback? As well as all the usual nonsense he does to get you motivated into the afternoon. Happy listening!

1-2pm – New show this week! Each month Harrison will be investigating a different York institution; whether that be a place, person or organisation. In his debut show, Harrison takes a look at York City FC, what the Minster Men mean to their fans and thoughts on the move from Bootham Crescent after over century at the ground.

2-3pm – LGBT Hour – this month our topic of conversation is Mental Health and Lisa’s special guest Jake Furby will be joining us in the studio. Also this month, we shall have our usual news snippets, a look ahead to forthcoming events and of course plenty of great LGBT related music.

Click here to tune in now.

3-4pm – What Rock? This week on What Rock? We celebrate International Women’s Day by looking at women in the industry!

4-5pm –  That 80’s show – Join Lisa for another blast from the past, playing you nothing but 80’s hits from the decade, but what is the featured month? Lisa will be giving you some news from the month in question, but which month did all these top tunes hit the charts?

5-6pm – Ask York.

6-7pm – Rosey’s Time Capsule
Has it been a month already? How time flies! Which is the point of the show: thinking about time. We consider historical events from an anthropological and political perspective and we rock out to some decent tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s. Tune in to find out what events & songs catch Rosey’s attention.

Click here to tune in now.

7-8pm – Breaking York
Two weeks comes round quickly – we’ll have a track from Lucy Starr who will be our guest on 8th April also this week our out of town feature will have tracks from more than one act ( just for a change) we’ll also have some Sam Forrest, Edwina Hayes, Van Der Neer and Jess Jessica Penn, Kid Conventional plus anything else we can manage to squeeze in to the hour, We’ll update you about the IDAS charity gig and if we have time offer a peek into future events with Blueskies. I can confirm that Jimbo Doomface, Quiet Eyes and Sophie Norris will all be playing Staxtonbury this summer.

Listen out for more about the gigs we’re planning as the weeks go by. Including how you can get Staxtonbury tickets.

8-9pm – Soul Funktion with your host Dave Johnson returns  with this month’s show dedicated to the music of ‘Acid Jazz’ a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Soul and Disco. A genre formed out of the London Club scene of the mid eighties . You will hear music from the likes of the Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, Snowboy and Icognito .Tune in and enjoy some top tunes from a unique genre of music from a fantastic period in the club scene.

9-10pm – Beats ‘n Pieces
Another hour of epic beats and sexy syncopation from Jonah Hebron.#hiphop

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York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition (10/03/2019)

If you listen regularly to either Information Takeaway or Yor Living Well, you will know that Juliet Powell organised York’s very first Wellbeing Day last year.

Tomorrow, you can join Juliet and a host of fantastic health & wellbeing practitioners for the inaugural York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition.

Be at Hotel du Vin York from 1:30pm tomorrow to meet, talk to and learn from:
A Global Community Of Wellness
Environment Healing
Relax Kids York and Selby with Kirsty
SHH safe healthy happy
The Happy Healing Hut
Chiropractic 1st
Finding Perspectives
Pretty Plaits

Two Rivers Radio will be live from York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition from 1:30 – 5pm, talking to the practitioners and playing the much of the great music you will have heard on Juliet’s shows over the last 18 months.

Tune in here:

Two Rivers Radio Schedule – 4/3/2019

Good Day!
But of course it will be better when you tune in
to Two Rivers Radio from 12pm till 10pm.

12pm – 1pm  –  On this edition of The Lunchtime Rush Declan will be talking with aspiring artist Jasmine Ashton about the up and downs of the art world and how we can all make the world better

1pm – 2pm –  This month on Crossing Borders we will be journeying North to Scotland to speak with Scott Gardner about the Bothy Ballad tradition! Tune in to Two Rivers Radio & for songs of earth, mirth & labour!

2pm – 3pm –  Tune in to Black York

3pm-4pm –  This hour is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives, but it could also be YOUR show! Get in touch with us via Facebook @tworviersradio or drop us an email:

4pm-5pm – Juliet’s special guest on this weeks Information Takeaway is Louise Mason, Your Marketing Specialist.

Clearly marketing is important to businesses and charities and we will be discussing this, however, we will also be considering the impact of marketing on everyday life and the carefully staged social media presence that many people have, therefore marketing themselves to portray a particular side of them.

We will also be giving a shout out for the York Wellbeing Day – Family Edition.

5pm – 7pm –  Two hours of best Reggae selection with the mighty and finest Catch a Fire duo: York Man and Daddy Harper!

7pm – 9pm –  Today’s HMGW show is wrestling focused and features three talented guests. These are;
The former tag team, Hot Blooded Males, which consists of Ryvacious Ryan Lee – Professional Wrestler and current True Grit Wrestling champ #York ‘s very own Dom Black. As well as one of Yorkshire best kept secrets Joey D – Professional Wrestler. All 3 began training together at the same wrestling academy and know each other very well, this will add great banter to the show! Their mentor was also the late great Kris Travis, who’s life will be celebrated on the 16.3.19 at Phoenix Events Yorkshire annual tribute and memorial show One More Round 2019.

Two Rivers Radio is a community radio station dedicated to providing unique, original and independent media for the people of York. Run by a dedicated team of hard-working volunteers, Two Rivers Radio is “By the people of York, for the people of York, in the heart of York”

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