Schedule – 25/03/19

Good Morning!
Tune in to Two Rivers Radio:  Midday till 10pm.

12pm – 1pm – On this weeks edition of The Lunchtime Rush Declan will be sitting down for a lovely chat with former presenter Stephen Allan all about the lovely charity work he’s doing for The Bradley Lowery Foundation.

1pm – 2pm –  The Art of the Matter is back and Claudia will  be discussing the famous Ghent Altarpiece with local art historian, Thomas Bromwell, before discussing the events at nearby Beverley Art Gallery with curator Helena Cox and then talking to Jeff from The Art of Protest Gallery in York, its founding and message.

2pm – 3pm – This hour is going to be a bit of Pic’n’Mix from our archives! Tune in.

3pm-4pm –   This week on What Rock? We couldn’t think of a theme… So Sam and Alex will be playing rock songs that they feel like playing, for the laziest What Rock? So far!

4pm -5pm – This is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

5pm – 6pm – That Guy Called SI and HMGW ‘s Mark present the first ever episode of Radio Open Mic! They will be playing a mix of their own favorite tracks aswell as talking to their live guest Thomowho will also be performing live music throughout the show.

6pm – 7pm –  Bob Horton brings the Weirdness. This month on the Weirdness, we are not alone. We have no idea if aliens actually exist, but for the purposes of this show, they do

7pm-8pm –   Tune in to Breaking York –  So Breaking York on Monday 25th sees us break new ground. As well as some more from Colin Cutler and another track from Lucy Starr, our guest in two weeks time, we also have a new track from local band The Recievers – we’ll be playing the newly released single – ‘Saturday’ and letting you know about their gig dates, and other fun stuff – have a new track from Nathan Jessop – on so ‘n’ so music another track from Quiet Eyes, not played before . Listen out for it and the competition to win tickets to see them playing at Staxtonbury Music Festival on 4th July. More from Kid Conventional aka Jack Weston an unusual track from Ihrsan called Scoobydoo and hopefully a bit from a Blueskies track out on spotify etc courtesy of a remix with Paulie – he’s remixed Rescue (me) you’ll be able to find it on all the usual platforms as of now, enjoy.

Why don’t you message us by email Tweet to #Breakingyork or text 07967518287 and tell which festivals ( outside the biggies) you fancy this year.

8pm – 9pm –This is going to be a little bit of Pic’n’Mix from our Archives! Tune in!

9pm-10pm – Tune in to Baguette et Croissant with Maxime!
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