Mark Chandler: Producer & Co-host of HMGW
Tracy Neasham-Allan: Co-presenterof MTTY
Declan Minskip: Presenter of The Lunchtime Rush
Steve Judge: Presenter of Mr. Judge to You
Upside Your Mind
Kate Lock: Presenter of Glass Half Full & All That Brass.
John Cossham: Presenter of Compost John’s Recycled Radio Show
The York Man & Daddy Harper: a.k.a Catch A Fire
Fasil Demsash: Presenter of Black York
Steve Allan: Presenter of Coastin’ and co-presenter of MTTY.
Paul Coull: presenter of The Soul Show
Kieran Bradley: Presenter & Producer of An “Alright” Show with Kieran Bradley
The PodPoets: Rose Drew, Alan Gillot, C. Goodfellow & L. O’Reilly
Christian Greenwood: Presenter of Music History 101: the Story of…
Juliet Powell: Host of Yor Living Well & Information Takeaway
Glenn Hewitt: Presenter of The Other Side the Tracks
Bob Horton: Presenter of Bob Horton Brings the Weirdness
Alex & Sam: Presenters of What Rock?
Jonah Hebronious: Presenter of Beats ‘n Pieces
Lisa Kelly: Presenter & Producer of LGBT Hour
Maxime Maigret: Presenter of Baguette et Croissant
Graham Blueskies: Presenter of Breakin’ York
Claudia Wardle: Host of The Art of the Matter
The Fanfiction Show
Jayne Phoenix: Presenter of Monday Memories and Producer of Independent Documentary
Dave Johnson: Presenter of Soul Funktion
Tom Wilson: Presenter of The Connoisseurs’ Stash