Graham Blueskies

Dragged up in the Midlands I’ve spent time in Manchester, Liverpool, Hong Kong the Philippines and a few other spots. About 20 years ago I came to York to live whilst working in Leeds, and despite people’s best efforts I’m still here.

I got into music promotion for a friend about eight years ago ( 2010). I HAVE looked back and wonder why I’m still doing it, but there it is a bug gets you and no matter how pointless it may seem it’s all you can dream about.

Since then I’ve set up open mics, gigs, mini gigs got involved with music festivals and just about anything loosely related.

Listen to the Breaking York archive here!

In 2011 I got interested in issues of homelessness as for several of the musicians I came across this was a genuine fear and ever present in conversation, so I began fund raising, and that’s how I came across SASH ( Safe and Sound Homes) – In 2017 with the help of friends I released an EP ‘ My Street’ to raise awareness about and help fund raise to tackle some of the issues around youth homelessness and over the next two years expect that project to play a big part in the things I do.

Been around a while now and still learning