Jayne Phoenix

Jayne is a Yorkshire Lass born and bred, she lives in York with her kitties Cuddles
and Pingu.

Jayne returned to York 5 years ago, with a newly adopted street cat called Cuddles,
after having lived in Leeds for just over 20years. A few days after moving Jayne had
a serious accident then contracted MRSA which resulted in her spending several
weeks in hospital. While Jayne was in hospital, Cuddles gave birth to a litter of
kittens, which were all adopted except Pingu the runt of the litter, which Jayne kept.
Jayne has fought and largely overcome some huge personal difficulties, mental
health issues and drug and alcohol addiction.

Jayne currently helps with fundraising events for York Rescue Boat. In August 2019
Jayne will walk the York 10k to raise money for the charity. It will be a huge
achievement for her, as due to permanent damage from her accident and arthritis in
her legs she walks with the aid of a stick.
Jayne joined Two Rivers Radio in June this year, after having had an interest in radio production since her teens but with little experience other than a short stint at
hospital radio in Leeds dating back 20years. Not being shy of a challenge she
started off by proposing to make an audio documentary about the work of York
Rescue boat, which is currently an on-going project. As if that didn’t occupy enough
of her free time, then decided she would like to present a monthly flashback to year ?

Listen to Monday Memories here.