Breakin’ York

You want to be heard in York?  Then listen to us!

We’ll be playing songs and tunes from unsigned musicians and independent labels/studios and the like.
New music for many which might have been released a while back and is still available for you to get on CD, Vinyl or download.

Written and performed by the artists/bands themselves it could be any genre, be wholly instrumental,
or a masterpiece of lyrical joy, as long as it is genuinely an original track we’re interested. We think people like to know things, things like where it was recoded, who mixed and mastered it and just who it was playing the instruments.

The show is mostly about two particular aspects of the new music challenge, how many different facets there are to making some tracks and how difficult it can be to get airplay, how complex and long the chain can be from that riff in the shower to the final mastering prior to duplication.  So whatever you’d like the listeners to know about your tracks, music, shows and festivals, do tell and we’ll pass it on.

Currently the show is fortnightly, but the more tracks you send in the more excuses we have to play them.

If you enjoy all your current music downloads but feel that maybe it’s got a bit stale, lend us your ears, and let us take them on a musical mystery tour. We would love to hear from you about friends and family with events to celebrate, happy to dedicate tracks!

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