The York Blues Music Festival

Putting on a Blues Festival in their home City of York is something that DC Blues had talked about doing for a while, it’s not something that they have attempted to do before but were spurred in to action following some devastating news when a very close friend & their partner tragically lost their baby at birth. As friends they felt helpless but knew they could attempt to do something positive and music is something they are good at. The Blues Festival is for charity and DC Blues are donating all profits to Charlies Angel Centre Foundation who do fantastic work in providing counselling and supporting bereaved parents.

The event is taking place on Saturday 6th April 2019 at The Crescent Community Venue in York from 1pm-11pm. After putting out a message on Social Media there was an astounding amount of interest from people who wanted to attend as well as over 200 applications from Blues Bands from all over the World who wanted to play.

The bands playing are:-

Mike Darwin
Steve Fulsham Band
TC Blues Band
Dogfinger Steve
Emma Wilson Blues Band
Miles Gilderdale
DC Blues
The Achievers (headlining)

Keep your eyes and ears peeled as there will be more information to come on TRR over the next few months as well as a live session from DC Blues in the new year!

Two Rivers Radio Schedule 29/10/18

Good Morning!
Tune in to Two Rivers Radio: Midday till 10pm.

12pm-2pm –  On this week’s edition of The Lunchtime Rush, Declan will be talking about Halloween, ghosts, half term and nostalgia!

2pm – 3pm –  Black York with Fasil Demsash focusing on Black History Month-Open discussion & Music.

3pm-4pm – Breaking York with Graham Blueskies presents lyrics and tunes written played and sung by the people who wrote them. A show case for all genres for fully original work, information about the tracks recordings, where to get them from and go to see the artists’ live performances!  Of note this week we songs from Gary Middleton and Mark Rowen– and a special mention to Breaking York’s first mini tour featuring three local artists Evie Barrand, Quiet Eyes and Ten-79

4pm-5pm – On this weeks Yor Living Well Show, Juliet is in conversation with Aron Murray. We will chatting about the issues with men talking openly about their mental health and focusing on Aron’s story to improved mental health and what supported him on his journey. Plus great music including the Manic Street Preachers!

5pm-6pm – New Show this week! Tom Wilson with The Connoisseur’s Stash will be introducing himself on Two Rivers Radio . Playing some incredible funk, rock, blues, punk and generally stunning vibes. We are looking forward to the straight talkin Salford lad throwing down his gauntlet to York

6pm – 7pm –  This week on The Totally Serious (!) Metal Show , our hero tries to explain the tenuous link between goth and metal, going back in time to an age of long black coats and enormous boots, because as always, heavy metal is a serious business.

7pm-8pm –  Music History 101 is back and this time Christian Greenwood is looking after the Damned.

8pm – 9pm –  This month on Compost John’s Recycled Radio Show, John is joined by Bev and Angie from The Ambulance Wish Foundation – YorkWho support non-mobile, terminally ill/elderly people make memories and transport them to their wish in comfort, with medical support in their Ambulances.

9pm-10pm – Soul Hour  with Paul Coull is back with great choices of soothing tunes to end the night!
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The Other Side of the Tracks

Live from 3-4PM

On The Other Side Of The Tracks today, prog rock from Rush and blues rock guitar genius from Jeff Beck are just some of the listening delights on offer.

A treat for your ears. Oh, and this week’s theme…Thrash and Death Metal!

Jump on board.