Two Rivers Radio Schedule 12/11/2018

Tune in to Two Rivers Radio: Midday till 10pm.

12pm-1pm –  On this week’s edition of The Lunchtime Rush, we have surprise guest presenter: Mr. Graham Blueskies stepping in! Get ready for some great tunes! Best wishes to Declan – Get better soon!

1pm – 2pm –   Our honourable Yorkie away from York Genevieve is back! What might the world be like without music? Can music be…dangerous?! What do Mozart, raindrops, birdcalls and folk music all have in common? Discover the answers to all this when you tune in to Two Rivers Radio & take a listen to “The Importance of Sound: an Introduction” on Crossing Borders—the series that brings you traditional (and modern-day) folklore, music & dances from around the world!

2pm – 3pm –  Black York with Fasil Demsash this week will be focusing on Hidden Voices of BAME Groups in York. Tune in!

3pm-4pm –  Breaking York with Graham Blueskies this week presents a whole bunch of new tracks – A new song sung by Jessica Penn, more from The Jon Palmer Band, with a song that features Rachel Goodwin – Another track from Gary Middleton’s album Rolling On plus a whole lot more, including Ten Millennia – These and the Other Guy ( Now Slack Habits) –

Don’t forget to buy tickets to our November gigs
Breaking York’s first mini tour featuring three local artists Evie Barrand – Quiet Eyes and Ten-79 -full details can be found at

Tweet the show #breakingyork and get your tickets at just £4 txts to 07967518287

4pm-5pm – On Information Takeaway Show with Juliet Powell this week, we discuss the Rise of Veganism and Free From diets – from fringe to mainstream – why are more people embracing this lifestyle?

Looking forward to chatting to our regular food contributor Claire Davies and Nutrition student Laura Naylor about this topical subject.

5pm – 7pm –  Two hours of best Reggae selection with the mighty and finest Catch a Fire duo: York Man and Daddy Harper!

7pm – 9pm –  This weeks HMGW Show will be a replay due to unforseen circumstances. We will be revisiting the show from the 30/04/18 which features the brilliant York based band Van Der Neer and British Professional Wrestlers Boris Koslov, Dom Black and Myles Kayman. If you want to see any of these talented individuals you’re in luck as Van Der Neer will be performing at Lendal Cellars on the 29th of November.( Koslov and Dom Black will be part of the upcoming True Grit show on the 17th of November. (

9pm-10pm – To close the day we have some soothing sounds for the Soul with Paul Coull’s Soul Hour!
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