S2.3 The Poetry Show: ROLE PLAYING (no! not that kind. stop that.)  followed by Stairwell Books Presents: Return of the Mantra by Susie Williamson

The Poetry Show is about poems for everyone: it’s not that stuff you learned in school. This week, we talk with Becca about Larp: Live Action Role Play, which is, as Becca describes it, “a cross between Re-enactment, Fan Fiction, and camping.” Or…. something like that. Sometimes I just make stuff up. Becs said at least PART of that.

Anyway, when daughter Emily and I go to Anime conventions, I always go as Sally: I am forever putting myself back together after fate, and sometimes nasty people, rip me to shreds. Em goes as her OC du jour: Dead Marco, a motorcycle transformer, a fire-breathing Little Pony, or AU Frisk. What do OC and AU mean? Tune in and find out!

Stairwell Books Presents: Susie Williamson and RETURN OF THE MANTRA
After we learn all sorts of nerd lingo, it’s off to the AU created by Holmsfirth native Susie Williamson: a hot, drought-plagued land where the wild animals are gone, the men dig for crystals, it’s a hyper-capitalist society based on religion, and everyone worships a haughty, selfish just-won’t-die King. No, not Trump. Kinda close though.

Susie launches her sci-fi/fantasy novel RETURN OF THE MANTRA in Exeter later this week and in Holmsfirth in early June! We’ll discuss world building, investigating real life through speculative fiction, and human-made environmental disaster. Join us for role playing and alternative universes both on The Poetry Show and in Stairwell Books Presents.

The Poetry Show & Stairwell Books Presents…

On Monday at 1pm, The Poetry Show talks about FEAR followed by Stairwell Books Presents: Becca Miles

The Poetry Show Season One episode is on FEAR, which features Laurence O’Reilly and guest Neil Cathan. After that, Alan will sit down with Becca Miles, SWB editorial assistant and LARP expert. What is LARP, you ask? Tune in and find out! Or are you afraid…..?

The Poetry Show Season One Episode 26: Today’s show is about FEAR.

What makes you frightened? What IS ‘FEAR’? I once heard someone say “people lie when they’re afraid,” so before you lie, ask yourself: what am I scared of? Okay, maybe.

I have felt fear: walking down a street at night. Walking through a parking lot at night. Stairwells in big, emptyish buildings, at day OR at night. In fact I’ll do a poem (an old one) on the very certain, specific fears, that women can have. I once had a personal tragedy and so, I was left even MORE afraid after it. You’d think the worst has happened, and yet I actually was more fearful of it happening again, afterward.

Fear can be healthy: we are aware of our surroundings; we’re being careful. Every soldier is scared shitless, or they’re dead…. do you agree? Okay: Is fear GOOD? Should we have fear? Isn’t keeping an eye out for the sabre tooth tiger just part of being human?