LGBT Mastermind 2019

Spoiler Alert!  If you are planning on listening to the LGBT Mastermind quiz at 5pm this afternoon and don’t want to know who won – stop reading now.


Listen live at 5pm by clicking here! HERE

There has been a wide programme of events this February in York to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history organised by York LGBT History Month, and on Thursday night last week it was marked by LGBT Mastermind. Hosted at the Corner Pin on Tanner Row, the event was based on the television programme ‘Mastermind’ and saw six contenders competing to answer the most LGBT-related general knowledge questions within two minutes. With Lisa Kelly asking the questions and Jake keeping time and score, the contenders responded to a wide range of cultural and socio-political questions, the answers to which were often rather surprising and indeed fascinating.

The event began with an exceedingly keen group of contenders and supporters singing, until everyone curbed their enthusiasm to make way for the event. The first contender, last year’s champion Annis, was up! The whole thing had to be restarted as the mood lighting – albeit magical and romantic – was slightly too dim. With this issue rectified, it was all go. Questions were asked and answered relating to all manner of things (I personally learned a lot!), such as the Stonewall Campaign, Sir Ian McKellen’s knighthood, statues of Alan Turing, York Pride, Sappho… The list goes on. There were two rounds with an interval of notable camaraderie and conviviality! Annis, CJ (who guessed LGSM to stand for Lesbian and Gay SadoMasochists), Dale, Ian, Martin, and Rebecca all had the chance of a further two minutes in the second round to cash in some more points. At the reckoning, it turned out that Annis had been knocked from the champion spot and been usurped by Ian, who emerged as victor with 15 points.

Overall, the event proved to be an immense success, with much laughter and celebration as well as discussion of serious matters concerning LGBT history which the event aimed to address. I had some very illuminating conversation with participants and supporters alike both in the interval and after the event when the group remained for a while for a jovial chat. Congratulations to Ian, the LGBT Mastermind 2019 champion!


Picture & words credit: Claudia L. Wardle

Two Rivers Radio Schedule – 22/10/18

Good Morning!
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12pm-1pm –  On this week’s edition of The Lunchtime Rush, Declan will be talking about a little bit about friendship, a little bit about language and travel! Plus a special Podcast “Me, myself and I” by Kieran Bradley exploring the topic of Mental Health within music!

1pm – 2pm – Brand new show this week:  An Alright Show by Kieran Bradley, this week he will be reviewing the new Boston Manor album, and a little review of their September gig at Kay Club, Leeds, and more music coming from them and other bands within the Pop-Punk genre.

2pm – 3pm –  LGBT Hour with Lisa Kelly: this month has the usual features of great music, news, reviews and special guest, international recording artist Beth McCarthy discussing Labels – the good, the bad and the toxic.

3pm-4pm –  What Rock? with Sam Booth and Alex Fisher is a mini history and run through of iconic Punk Rock bands from it’s beginning to modern music!

4pm-6pm – This slot is going to be a little bit of a Pick’n’Mix and we will dig out the best of the best out of our archives 🙂 If you’d want to join us and get your own show up on the Net Waves of Two Rivers Radio, get in touch:

6pm – 7pm –  Coastin’ On Tworiversradio  with Stephen Allan will have a spooky theme with songs from Alice Cooper, Guns n Roses, Meatloaf, Rolling Stones and more!!!!

7pm – 8pm –  MTTY with Tracy Nesham-Allan and Stephen Allan is all about colours, no we’re not going to sing a rainbow or red and yellow and pink and blue. Lots of good tunes and a few strange colour facts.

8pm-9pm –  Whoo-hoo! James M Lancaster of New York Brass Band will be joining Kate Lock live to play his fave brass tracks on All That Brass. Can we fit his sousaphone in the Corner Pin studio too? I’ll ask him!

9pm-10pm – Beats’n’Pieces with Jonah Hebron. Plenty of the 90s, plenty of New York, plenty of beats. Tune in and drop out.

10pm – 11pm – Late Mr. Judge to You  IT’S JUST NOT CRICKET… IT’S THE CRICKETS… Full hour dedicated to, and playing music from my bestest ever band… HOWZAT Umpire!!?
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