Shedule 30/07/18


Get ready for a whole day of fantastic musical radio.
Tune in from Midday till 11pn!

12pm – 1pm – It’s Lunchtime Rush, this week Declan Minskip will be joined by Juliet Powell and the discussion will follow the summer holidays, events in york, as well as the Wellbeing event that Juliet is organizing this October. #liveandloud #liveandwell

1pm – 3pm  – The LGBT Hour is back! Two hour special episode under new rainbow wing of Lisa Kelly! Previewing the upcoming events, looking back at the past month and it’s talking points, special guest Sue Pascoe talking about reforming the Gender recognition act with some classic LGBT anthems thrown into the mix!!!

3pm – 4pm – What Rock? Tune in this week for a brief look into Ska music. We’ll be looking at it from its origins right through to what it is now!

4pm – 6pm – Mr. Judge to You! Two Rivers… Two hosts… possibly Three!!! “Pretty Flamingos and Engine Drivers” … Mr Judge will be joined by 2RR host Tracy Neasham Allan to talk her life and music; especially in connection with her current job at a well known Yorkshire Zoo… hopefully, to be joined by her 2RR co-host Stephen Allan to talk about his working love of music, travel… and the railways… A Ton o’ Fun on Mon’ with Mr Judge To You on the unstoppable animal magical, railroading radio express Two Rivers Radio!

6pm – 7 pm – Coastin’ will have our regular #relocated #rides feature, a new feature on #defunct #parks and a special guest from Black Rose Events!
Music from They Called Him Zone, Red Sun Revival, and Bad Pollyanna!

7pm – 8 pm – MTTY  is  all about #JamesBond through the years with Steve and Tracy 

8pm – 9 pm – Bit of Pick ‘n’ Mix chill music hour!

9pm -10 pm – Beats’ n’ Pieces Beats and Pieces’ plays anything with a beat. Shifting between hiphop, funk, dub, and jazz we’re all about rhythm here. No drab, 4/4 repetitions here – it’s all syncopation, groove, and feeling.

10pm – 11pm – Upside Your Mind will close the day with some blissful tunes. A trip from the basement to the tropics and back is waiting for you…
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