National Recovery Month


Last day of September so here’s the final recovery post from Jayne.

I thought i’d share some of the tips and techniques I’ve used and found helpful.

Distraction: Go for a walk, read, have a bath or shower, watch something you enjoy. Call a friend who supports your recovery.

Stay in the present: Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. Don’t see giving up drugs/alcohol as being for a lifetime, take it one day at a time. In my early days the thought of not being able to use my drug of choice ever again was really overwhelming, The thought of getting through more then a day was huge, do it minute by minute, hour by hour if necessary. believe me it all adds up.

Mirror exercise: I found this extremely hard at first but it improved with practice.
Each morning look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I am a worthwhile human being, I deserve to be here, I am OK, I am good enough.

Change how you think of abstinence and and the way you speak to yourself.
Instead of saying I Can’t take a drink/drug say I am choosing not to take a drink/drug
Today i am Choosing to stay clean and sober.
Try not to make sweeping statements or make promises such as I will never take drugs or drink again.

Identify what your trigger times are and plan alternatives.

Make a list of what your strengths and good points are: eg,
I am a good friend
I am a good cook
I like my hair
I like the way i dress
I am good at writing poetry

Set a goal each day, even if at the beginning its as small as today I will get up and shower.

Be honest with friends and family about what you are doing.

Stick with others in recovery; Online recovery forums, recovery based social groups, mutual aid support, 12 step meetings.

Write a goodbye letter to your addiction. I found this particularly powerful and it provoked strong emotions so although i highly recommend this exercise, I’d strongly suggest sharing it with or talking it through with someone you trust.

Jayne Phoenix, Independent Documentary Producer, Two Rivers Radio