National Recovery Month


Last day of September so here’s the final recovery post from Jayne.

I thought i’d share some of the tips and techniques I’ve used and found helpful.

Distraction: Go for a walk, read, have a bath or shower, watch something you enjoy. Call a friend who supports your recovery.

Stay in the present: Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. Don’t see giving up drugs/alcohol as being for a lifetime, take it one day at a time. In my early days the thought of not being able to use my drug of choice ever again was really overwhelming, The thought of getting through more then a day was huge, do it minute by minute, hour by hour if necessary. believe me it all adds up.

Mirror exercise: I found this extremely hard at first but it improved with practice.
Each morning look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I am a worthwhile human being, I deserve to be here, I am OK, I am good enough.

Change how you think of abstinence and and the way you speak to yourself.
Instead of saying I Can’t take a drink/drug say I am choosing not to take a drink/drug
Today i am Choosing to stay clean and sober.
Try not to make sweeping statements or make promises such as I will never take drugs or drink again.

Identify what your trigger times are and plan alternatives.

Make a list of what your strengths and good points are: eg,
I am a good friend
I am a good cook
I like my hair
I like the way i dress
I am good at writing poetry

Set a goal each day, even if at the beginning its as small as today I will get up and shower.

Be honest with friends and family about what you are doing.

Stick with others in recovery; Online recovery forums, recovery based social groups, mutual aid support, 12 step meetings.

Write a goodbye letter to your addiction. I found this particularly powerful and it provoked strong emotions so although i highly recommend this exercise, I’d strongly suggest sharing it with or talking it through with someone you trust.

Jayne Phoenix, Independent Documentary Producer, Two Rivers Radio

Good morning York!!

Tune in to Two Rivers Radio today for a fantastic selection of shows.

Declan Minskip presents The Lunchtime Rush from midday ’til 2pm.

Fasil Demsash will be hosting another edition of Black York between 2-3pm

The 3-4 slot sees Mr Blueskies host another Breaking York – featuring exciting new and local music.

Juliet Powell is back after a short break. The Yor Living Well Show returns to Two Rivers Radio today. The show that highlights our journeys and difficulties through life. This week we chat to Jayne about her use of alcohol and painkillers as a way of coping with difficult periods of her life. She talks about resources and techniques that finally helped her to live a more balanced life. A gripping and interesting story.

5-6pm – Pop punk with ‘What Rock?’ Join Sam & Alex picking out the best of a crowded genre and talking about the evolution of some of the genre’s biggest names as well as the usual music news highlights.

6-7pm – This month Lisa Kelly looks back at the past month, looks ahead to the next month, brings you the latest LGBT news including the latest on the Anne Lister Rainbow plaque controversy and will also pack in lots of music with each song having an LGBT link.

At 7pm Christian Simon will be guiding us through the life, times and music of The Damned

John Compost Cossham will be in the hot-seat from 8-9pm, presenting another Recycled Radio Show.

What better way to end the day, but with the Soul Man himself, Mr. Paul Coull!?

Ask York #2

Join the audience for Ask York #2 @ Chill in the Community Cafe

After the great success of Ask York in January, its back!  This time we will be recording the show on Sunday 25th February at Chill in the Community CIC Cafe in Acomb.

In the February edition there is going to be a focus on city-wide health and well-being, although questions on other topics will be warmly welcomed.

You will be asked to write your questions on slips prior to recording and we will endeavour to include them all – although, we will of course not ask the same question twice.

If you would like to ask a question, but can’t be present on the night please email: with “Ask York Question” as the email title.

Our confirmed panelists include:

with more TBC

Pete Kilbane will be chairing the panel again, keeping order and ensuring that your questions get answered.

The show will not be being broadcast live, but will be being recorded for broadcast the following day, Monday 26th February, at 2pm and again at 8pm here on Two Rivers Radio.

Please arrive at the venue between 7-7:30pm to begin recording at 7:45.  Recording should last approximately 1 hour.  There will be time after the recording to enjoy a coffee and discuss the topics raised in a more informal setting.

If you would like to guarantee you seat at Ask York #2, please click HERE to visit our ticketing site.  All tickets are free.