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The Lunchtime Rush with Declan Minskip!
Wonderful choice of music and a little bit of extravagance
and weird facts to start us off! We are #liveandloud!

1pm – 2pm
The Poetry Show: ROLE PLAYING (no! not that kind. stop that.)
followed by Stairwell Books Presents: Return of the Mantra by Susie Williamson

2pm – 4pm
Bit of a Pick and Mix 🙂
This slot is currently vacant, so if you have an idea for your own show that you would like to present on Two Rivers Radio, get in touch!

4pm – 6pm
Mr. Judge to You this week is titled Simon and Some Garfunkel… A celebration of a Songwriter (AND HIS ART)

6pm – 7pm
Oh this is new, and it’s gonna be a bloody good one!
Bob Horton Brings the Weirdness
A new show begins. A new world begins. Where did we come from? Are we sure? One thing is for certain: you won’t know any better after this hour. Bob rings in the birth of The Weirdness by ruminating on the beginnings of the world, and where we came from. If there’s time, we are also told there’s an excellent Snail exhibit at the York Zoo for your delectation.

7pm – 8pm
Bit of Freestyle!

8pm – 9pm
Glass Half Full with Kate Lock!
This month we will be tackling the questions of:
What can we do about plastic waste  and what eco conscious consumers can do? We will talk about a new shop window sticker scheme and find out about who are the quiet heroes the “Bishy Road Scrubbers”

9pm – 1opm
It’s the hour for the Soul. Great chill music to relax to after a long day, with one and only Mr. Paul Coull

10pm – 11pm
Another great tropical mix from Upside Your Mind, to finish off the day and take us to the beautiful sandy beaches for the night!

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The Poetry Show Season 1 Ep 30: History Rewritten, and Stairwell Books Present: Bob Horton.

“Bob is on the Left”

First up, a playback of a show w Laurence O’Reilly and guest Tanya Parker: History Rewritten! Or, Tory Policy heh. Then we’ll chat with Bob Horton, scientist and poet, about his thoughts on society, history, science, poetry, and so on. I’ll also promote the upcoming Poetry For All event, this Saturday, March 24, at St Clements Hall, presented as part of the York Lit Fest.

Monday’s podcast is S1.30, and is HISTORY, the redux.
Yes, we covered history a little while ago with guest STEVE NASH, [and Two Rivers guest that same day!] but after all, history is constantly being rewritten. And if we don’t remember history, we are doomed to REPEAT IT.
or, if we don’t like it, we can just REDO it. Hence Trumpsky claims his inauguration was the BIGGEST ONE EVER (despite photographic evidence to the contrary)
And, your memories are someone else’s ancient history.
We were at an event recently, took place in a grammar school and students were working as assistants. As usual, I’m talking about politics: Trumpsky, war, angry people trying to solve things with violence, etc. I was talking to several thoughtful young people. “Well” I finally said, “you know, after 9/11…” and she blinked at me. “I was 1 when that happened.” “One?” I repeated weakly. “You’ve always known only a state of war”. “True, but that means I don’t fear it.” HER history starts about two thirds of the way into mine. And at least I’m still here to discuss the past! What happens when it’s not 15 yrs from now, but 115?

And then, there’s Bob.
We promise not to argue about GMOs. Heheh