Schedule 13/08/19

Good morning people of York!

This week we prepared some fantastic shows for you; some permanent residents, some brand new but all exciting and full of great music!
Tune in form midday till 11pm.

12pm-2pm –  It’s Declan Minskip with Double Lunchtime Rush!! Music madness and a dose of good humor for special two hours today!

2pm – 3pm –  We will be joined by some very talented young musicians as #TRR plays host to the York heat of Junior Star Singer Songwriter.

3pm – 4pm – This week on What Rock? We’ll be looking over the genre of Prog-Rock, from where it originated to how it sounds now! Pink Floyd, Rush, Kansas, and for modern choices, let’s go The Mars Volta.

4pm-5pm – In this weeks Information Takeaway, Juliet will chatting to Angela Jones from The Samaritans here in York. We will be discussing the work they do, who they help and how to get involved in supporting the great work they do. Plus great music as usual.

5pm- 4pm – And we Continue with Junior Star Singer Songwriter York Heat recording from yesterday, joined by more young talented musicians!

6pm – 7pm – This week’s Weirdness is absolutely 100% live. We enjoyed last month’s discussion about monsters so much that this month we went one step further: Lovecraftian Horrors. Nothing will go wrong

7pm –  8pm –  It’s time for the Fanfiction Show!

8pm – 9pm – In replay of last months’ Glass Half Full Kate will be joined by representatives of York cycling groups and Clean Air York to discuss how the city could transition to an Amsterdam-style cycling culture. And, as the heatwave continues, Kate talks to Yorkclimate scientist Dr Andreas Heinemeyer about the implications for us all in a warming world. Plus, if Trump is making you blue, Ned Hoste of One Planet York has some tips on how to channel your creative passions to build a positive outlook!

9pm – 10pm –  Maxime Maigret presents Baguette et Croissant as we dive into adventurous exploration of French music! 

10pm – 11pm – Upside Your Mind will close the day with some blissful tunes. A trip from the basement to the tropics and back is waiting for you…
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